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Mordecai Jones# 219 

Name Mordecai Jones
Faction Church of Man
Race Human
Died 2670
Residence Eden
About Mordecai Jones was an unknown when he joined the Church of Man in 2665. He started as a ship technician, but by virtue of his astounding eloquence and technical skill, he quickly attained a position of leadership. Within a year, he commanded a church battalion. Within three years, he was an Elite Guard Commander.

Benengeli, the previous Church of Man leader appointed Jones to be his successor, though the identity of the new leader is kept a secret when Jones becomes the leader.

Jonesí leadership brought the Church of Man a stunning string of victories. He provided new Kilrathi ships and stronger arms" as well as Grayson Burrows' Steltek gun which Jones wanted on every Retro ship as a "spiritual cleansing tool."

Jones' secret plan to dominate Gemini then dismantle the Church of Man to use it as a police force is discovered by one of his elite counsellors who reveals the location of the Retro base to Grayson Burrows and asks him to eliminate Jones.

Burrows flies to Eden and kills Jones while he is flying a patrol with his elite guards. In return, the counsellor promises to ensure that all copies of the Steltek gun are destroyed.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 3 2003


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