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Kevin Tolwyn# 1563 

Name Kevin Tolwyn
Callsign Lone Wolf
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Family Geoffrey Tolwyn is his uncle.
Born Earth, UK
Homeworld Earth, UK
Residence Earth, UK
About Kevin Tolwyn, the nephew of Admiral Geoffery Tolwyn, is a tall man with red hair, sharp eyes and an aqualine nose. He came from a privileged backround. He went to all the correct schools, all arranged by his influential and wealthy family, and spent his summers at homes in Scotland, Eton and Cambridge or on luxury vacations. The hardships of the war were beyond his understanding, as his family even found a way around rationing thanks to their positions in the government and industry.

As he grew into adulthood however, avoiding military service wasn't an option, as his family had done their bit for fifty generations. His mother hoped he would take a safe postion as a headquarters staff officer, avoiding the risks of flying and frontline service, and eventually making general by the political route.

To her horror, Kevin volunteered for flying duties. He wanted to be a pilot like his late father, an Acedemy instructor who had been killed in a training accident. When they realised they couldn't change Kevin's mind, his family made the best of the situation, arranging news interviews and magazine articles to show that even the best families were doing their bit for the war effort.

On graduation, he was transferred to the TCS Tarawa. The Tarawa's skipper, Commodore Thaddeus O'Brian, was eager to gain the ear of someone who was so well connected. He made Kevin the acting Wing Commander of the Tarawa until Doomsday and Starlight arrived on board. The Tarawa's new Wing Commander, Jason Bondarevsky, found Kevin Tolwyn to be difficult and borderline insubbordinate.

Kevin quickly proved his worth as a pilot however, shooting down a Sartha in the initial assault of Vukar Tag, and gaining several more kills in the diversionary attack on Kilrah. He was made acting Rapier squadron commander during the mission.

By the end of the operation, Kevin was a confirmed ace, and is awarded the Gold Star with silver wings. He was also given the option of joining Admiral Banbridge's staff. Kevin turned it down to remain commander of the Tarawa's Rapiers.

Kevin continued serving with the Confederation forces until the end of the War, and later served with the Free Republic of Landreich. He becams a Wing Commander in the Free Republic of Landreich Navy, and eventually reached the rank of Commodore.

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