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Grierson# 1541 

Name Grierson
Rank Captain
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Family Has a family
Died ER
About Commander of the destroyer Intrepid. Tractored in Bearís ejection pod while a couple of Kilrathi destroyers were on his tail several years ago.
As part of Strike Force Valkyrie Grierson took part in the raid on Kilrah. On the way out he leds an assault on a minor orbital base take it out.
Seemingly trapped in the Baragh system Tarawa and Intrepid make a last ditch effort to punch through the carrier protecting their jump point home but Tarawa is critically wounded. In jumps Concordia masked with a Kilrathi IFF transponder broadcasting in the clear for them to hang on.
Grierson, knowing that Tarawa was finished, communications and defenses shot, another hit and Tarawa would be lost, turns back to pull the fighters off the Tarawa to buy some time for Concordiaís fighter to clear the way to Tarawa. He attacks the cruiser covering the enemy carrier. A spread of torpedoes leap out from both ships nearly simultaneously at point bland range. The two ships disappeared.

Physical description:?

Personality: Keeps on top of thing, the type of commander who knows when and where to listen and when to move.

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Record edited by Rob McKay
Last modified Aug 9 2004


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