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Escort Destroyer - (ex. KIS Bordrav)# 1367 

Name Escort Destroyer - (ex. KIS Bordrav)
Faction Kilrathi Empire
About This type of escort destroyer carries a crew of 132.

Class Light Destroyer
Length 450 meters
Mass 17,000 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 180 kps
Acceleration 10 k/s^2
Max Y/P/R 15/15/15 deg/s
Guns Laser Turrets (8), Classified
Turret Strength 200 cm
Shields 1500 cm
Shield Recharge 150 cm/sec
Front Armor 1000 cm
Rear Armor 1000 cm
Right/Left Armor 1000 cm
Core Strength 16,000 cm
Jump Capable Yes

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