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Bloodfang class Superfighter# 1354 

Name Bloodfang class Superfighter
Faction Kilrathi Empire
About The Bloodfang is Thrakhath nar Kiranka's personal fighter. Thrakhath only flies a Bloodfang, and nobody else is allowed to fly one. The statistics below relate to the 2669 variant Bloodfang, as official statistics for the 2667 variant are currently unknown.

Class Super Fighter
Max Velocity 560 kps
Acceleration 375 k/s^2
Max Afterburner Velocity 1400 kps
Max Y/P/R 70/90/90 deg/s
Guns Tachyon Cannons (2), Plasma Guns (2)
Missile Hardpoints 3x3 (3HS/3FF/3IR)
Missile Decoys 12
Front Shield 250 cm
Rear Shield 400 cm
Front Armor 100 cm
Rear Armor 100 cm
Right/Left Armor 100 cm
Jump Capable Yes

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Last modified Sep 23 2003


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