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F-109A Vampire class Space Superiority Fighter (class A)# 1347 

Name F-109A Vampire class Space Superiority Fighter (class A)
Faction Terran Confederation

Class Class A Space Superiority Fighter
Length 18.33 meters
Mass 17 metric tonnes
Default Max Velocity 530 kps
Max Velocity 610 kps
Min Velocity 160 kps
Acceleration 720 kps^2
Afterburner Velocity 1500 kps
Afterburner Fuel 360
Afterburner Acceleration 1800 kps^2
Y/P/R 70/135/180 deg/s
Rotational Acceleration 280 deg/s^2
Guns Tachyon Cannons (4), Particle Cannons (2)
Gun Power 500
Default Gun Recharge 60
Max Gun Recharge 90
Min Gun Recharge 6
Missile Hardpoints 1x8 FF, 1x8 IR, 1x4 MIRV
Enhanced Missile Loadout 1x8 FF, 1x8 ELRIR, 1x4 MIRV
Wild Weasel Missile Loadout 1x4 LRIR, 1x4 IR, 1x4 HARM, 1x4 LRAR
Enhanced Wild Weasel Missile Loadout 1x4 ELRIR, 1x4 IR, 1x4 HARM, 1x4 ELRAR
Decoys 48
Shield Power 580 cm
Default Shield Recharge 28 cm/sec
Max Shield Recharge 42 cm/sec
Min Shield Recharge 2.8 cm/sec
Front Shield 320 cm
Rear Shield 260 cm
Enhanced Shield Power 680 cm
Enhanced Default Shield Recharge 33 cm/sec
Enhanced Max Shield Recharge 49.5 cm/sec
Enhanced Min Shield Recharge 3.3 cm/sec
Enhanced Front Shield 370 cm
Enhanced Rear Shield 310 cm
Front Armor 320 cm
Rear Armor 320 cm
Right/Left Armor 320 cm
Core Strength 260 cm
Jump Capable Yes

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Last modified Aug 10 2003


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