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Seahawk class SEA/SWACS# 1337 

Name Seahawk class SEA/SWACS
Faction Terran Confederation

Class Spaceborne Early Warning/Spaceborn Warning and Control Ship (SEA/SWACS)
Length ??? meters
Default Max Velocity 300 kps
Max Velocity 390 kps
Min Velocity 90 kps
Acceleration 300 kps^2
Afterburner Velocity 500 kps
Afterburner Fuel 360
Afterburner Acceleration 750 kps^2
Y/P/R 20/35/20 deg/s
Dome Rotation 60 deg/s
Rotational Acceleration 20 deg/s^2
Guns N/A
Missiles N/A
Decoys 48
Shield Power 1600 cm
Default Shield Recharge 28 cm/sec
Max Shield Recharge 42 cm/sec
Min Shield Recharge 2.8 cm/sec
Front Shield 800 cm
Rear Shield 800 cm
Front Armor 350 cm
Rear Armor 225 cm
Right/Left Armor 300 cm
Core Strength 300 cm
Jump Capable Yes

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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