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F-57 Sabre class Heavy Attack Fighter# 1335 

Name F-57 Sabre class Heavy Attack Fighter
Faction Terran Confederation
About The later version Sabres, which were upgraded in 2668 have twin Tangent-class engines and cost millions to produce. They are also jump capable.

Class Heavy Fighter
Length 23.6 meters
Mass 22 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 400 kps
Cruise Velocity 220 kps
Acceleration Excellent
Max Afterburner Velocity 1200 kps
Max Y/P/R 8/8/8 deg/s
Guns Mass Drivers (2), Particle Cannons (2)
Turret Neutron Guns (2), Tractor Beam (1)
Torpedo Hardpoints 2x1
Missile Hardpoints 4x1 IR, 2x1 FF, 2x1 DF
Missile Decoys Chaff Pod (3)
Front Shield 10 cm
Rear Shield 10 cm
Front Armor 16 cm
Rear Armor 16 cm
Right/Left Armor 11 cm
Jump Capable No

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 9 2003


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