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KF-100 Dralthi II class Medium Fighter# 1303 

Name KF-100 Dralthi II class Medium Fighter
Faction Terran Confederation
About The Dralthi is your standard Kilrathi fighter. It's lightly armed and flimsy so travels in groups for better chances. It isn't jump capable.

Due to the wing layout, when on the tail of a Dralthi, it will break up or down, never to the side. They went with the design so that the wing stabilizers could be spread out over a large area. This made the ship easier to stabilize at high speeds. It also earned the ship the nickname of Flying Pancake.

Class Medium Fighter
Length 28 meters
Mass 14 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 400 kps
Cruise Velocity 230 kps
Acceleration Good
Max Afterburner Velocity ??? kps
Max Y/P/R 10/14/10 deg/s
Guns Lasers (2) (Mass Drivers in Mark II)
Missile Hardpoints 2x2 HS, 3x1 Mines
Front Shield 5 cm
Rear Shield 5 cm
Front Armor 4.5 cm
Rear Armor 3.5 cm
Right/Left Armor 3 cm
Jump Capable No

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