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YA-18 Crossbow class Bomber# 1296 

Name YA-18 Crossbow class Bomber
Faction Terran Confederation
About The Crossbow bomber was tested by pilots from the TCS Gettysburg during 2667. Though there were no real faults with the craft's design, it was never widely used.

Class Bomber
Length 24 meters
Mass 40 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 370 kps
Cruise Velocity 200 kps
Acceleration Average
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Max Y/P/R 8/8/8 deg/s
Guns Mass Drivers (3), Neutron Guns (2)
Turret Neutron Guns (2), Tractor Beam (1)
Torpedo Hardpoints 4x1
Missile Hardpoints 3x1 FF
Missile Decoys N/A
Front Shield 25 cm
Rear Shield 25 cm
Front Armor 20 cm
Rear Armor 20 cm
Right/Left Armor 25 cm
Jump Capable Yes

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Last modified Aug 9 2003


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