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FRLS Mjollnir (Hull #108)# 1086 

Name FRLS Mjollnir (Hull #108)
Class Bhantkara class Heavy Carrier
Note Bhanktara class Heavy Carrier
Faction Free Republic of the Landreich
About The FRLS Mjollnir was formerly the KIS Karga. Following the death of the Karga's crew, Karga drifted for several years before it was located by the Landreich. The Landreich set to work repairing the ship.

The craft was eventually repaired, but before long it was sent to battle the Vorghath in Baka Kar. The battle in Baka Kar took its toll, and Mjollnir came back from Baka Kar almost as badly damaged as she had been when they found her in Vaku. It suffered shield failures all the way home, and its jump drives were dead on arrival in Landreich. The portside flight deck was shut down after a Vaktoth exploded during recovery. Four decks were open to space due to hits from Vorghath's batteries.

Bondarevsky ordered plaques placed in each squadron's ready room listing the dead. After Baka Kar, the press on Landreich called the her "the ship that refused to die."

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