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Leeward Washington# 104 

Name Leeward Washington
Rank Major
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Residence Tal'q Naval Base
About Leeward Washington is a Major in the Second Long-Range Patrol Squadron, "Hugyn," 71st air-defense battalion, Tal'q. Washington flew the seventh recon mission in to Kilrah system at the beginning of the Nephilim conflict. The previous six recon missions had failed to return.

At 2681.019.2058 Washington leaves Tal'q Naval Station in an Excalibur refitting for trans-system surveillance on the 7th and final recon mission into Kilrah system.

At 2681.019.2132 Washington discovers remains of smuggler's base on Kilrah 7.4 during the 7th recon attempt from Tal'q.

At 2681.019.2208 Washington completes recon of Kilrah 7.4 and begins return trip to Tal'q.

At 2681.019.2310 Washington returns to Tal'q with photos and possible enemy artifact. His is the only recon mission of seven to return as scheduled, others presumed lost. Recon missions were terminated pending analysis of known data.

Related records: Nephilim artifact, TCIA report on Kilrah events
Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 2 2003


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