WC wargame idea

Well I stress that was just my opinion, but I think it's important to the game that you decide if it's going to be an all around game, or just the tactical side of it.

As for enemy AI, I do have some ideas about that, but I don't know anything about your programming language or how it would implment things.

It seems to me that you should set up some kind of "map" for the AI to follow, using if and then statements.

If enemies targeting > 1 then turn to nearest friendly

If missile lock on > random headings
If missile tracking then speed full and decoy when missile not tracking goto normal path

Stuff like that...and then you could set up seperate scripts for differant modes. Select a group of fighters and put them in "Search mode" and the script has them fly randomly and ignore enemies, or run from them. Or "Aggressive mode" where they just seek targets in a grid pattern and then attack...I dunno...if you got AIM I'd be happy to explore some other ideas.

I will say this though, I've mentioned the game "Fleet Commander" about six times, and I'll say it again here.

The scripts for AI, like for missile evasion for aircraft in that game are in .txt editable files. You can open them up in notepad and (provided you don't edit it to drastically) change the way the plane or ship reacts to a given situation.

So yeah, my two cents again. I know I have alot to say, but well, you asked for ideas and suggestions so I hope no one minds...
One thing the little pimple thingy on top of Star Destoyer is a shield generator (watch return of the jedi for this).

Moving on.

Casper, I have started a WC miniature game using the rule set from Battlefleet Gothic, if you'd like I'll send you those, and its easy to make it more fighter intensive. (The rules so far are only for several ships so it can be playtested).
Yeap. Doesn't look like a pimple to me, more like an eye stalk...and for refreneces sake there's two of them on Victory-Class Star Destroyers and on Imperial-Class Star Destroyer and an unconfirmed number on Super-Class Star Destroyers.

On that note though, there are two models of Super-class Star Destroyers, the standard "Executor" model and then the Next Generation one which has an additional set of Shield Generators at "midline" (Refrenced from "The Black Fleet Crisis" series).

The "pimple" I was referring to in afore mentioned posts is the big bulge that sticks out from the bottom of ISD's and I believe VSD's as well. Initially the X-Wing computer game classified this as a Reactor, and the ensuing "Technical Journals" that were released first as three Magazines (Rebel, Imperial, and Tatooine) and then condensed into a book contains a cut-away of an Imperial Star Destroyer which very accuratly indicates that this bulge is the internal reactor of the vessel, and not any kind of radar.

On a more interesting note, the "Mandatory Retirement" comic shows us what has been identified as an Imperator-class Interdictor Cruiser, DIFFERANT then the standard Interdictor, it appears to be an interdictor built ONTO a Star Destroyer hull instead of the Immobolizer cruiser hull.

This ship ALSO has a huge bulge, and it's bulge is ALSO identified as the internal reactor, this ship however has the classic flat Immobolizer Bridge and not the Star Destroyer Conning tower, and doesn't have the twin shield generators either.

Just some food for thought.
Oh! I thought you were talking about the the shield generator on the bridge. Yeah the buldge underneath is shown as being a generator for ISDs and VSDs (have to play Tie Fighter to check that). Oh well thats a little off topic, but still a good piece of info to have floating around.
Yeah...I don't remember if a VSD has one or not, do me a favor and post after you check in TF so I can know for sure without having to try to make that game run on my XP system...
Hehehehe! No worries mate, probably be a few days, going away this weekend, but when I'm back I'll let you know.
A WC Campaign

Actually I have played several different Wing Commander campaigns with friends using the playtest version of VBAM: Victory by Any Means. It is a Pen and Paper space campaign system that is in playtest with a generic format. I heard it is supposed to be published in the next month or two but maybe there are still playtesting positions available.

Using some unofficial stats we have a game going with several admirals trying to repel a Kilrathi system invasion. We set it in the golden era of WC (1 of course), and so far so good. It definetly lets us play the game from a fleet level.
something you might want to look at

I'm always looking for new space sims and games and I stumbled across one that I thought might have some value in reguards to your project. I recently downloaded the demo for a game called starshatter. and while its primary emphasis is on flight simulator style combat in both capital ships and fighters one of the tutorial missions involves conducting carrier operations by selecting assigning and controling fighters. thought it might give you some ideas.

just my two cents
how's it comming

Hey just wondered how the game was comming along and when you thought it might be ready?

Unregistered said:
Let's hear about some progross here dude!

Sorry for being a hermit, but other things have kept me busy...now that the CIC's birthday is coming up, though, I've started some more work on it.

Here's the latest screenshot...

Also, I've started incorporating some code from YARTS, another Java RTS. Hopefully, a functional single-player release will be finished in time for the CIC's big day.

A question: what would you rather see in this game, playability or realism? I ask because in the game as it is right now, you don't do much more than start the game threads. Should a CAG or a Fleet Admiral really have direct control over all his fighters?

[Screenshot removed 7-16-2005]
I think the CAG would...if the game is fighter based and not capital ship based then I think you're heading in the right direction.

This is the thing, when you're planning something like a multi-ship strike, someone HAS to have direct control.

If you have a whole Squadron of ships attacking one capital ship, and everyone is doing their own thing, nothing is going to get accomplished. Accompany that with the fact that at the same time you have to be patrolling for additional fighters. You can't say, "Here's the flight plan for the day, everyone figure out where you're needed!"

The best way to describe it is to compare it to the US Air Force, they generate an Air Plan for the day. That's what you're doing, generating and editing the Air Plan to fit changing situations in the best way possible, and if you do it better then the other guy then you win, and live, and they die and go home.
...and if you were ever on AIM I might be willing to help you out some more but you're never on and hardly respond when you are. =(
All right I confess, after all my contributions here the new screenshot made me wet myself.

Anyway boss I have eight things to address, or that you should try to address. If you already have, I apologize. I just wanted to point them out.

1) Zooming

Looking at the latest screenshot I see a mass of green. It's very had to tell what the enemy is doing, something that's absolutly imperative, since this is just a game of reacting to the computer.

2) Grouping

I don't know if you've gotten to this yet but it would be nice to be able to group fighters and have them all fly in a close knot to give them orders all at the same time.

3) Naming

It would be fun (And certainly not necessary) to be able to name the individual ships and fighters. But maybe that's just me (Force Commander, anyone?)

4) Radar

There has been a lengthy discussion about Radar Capabilites inside of this thread. I'm sure you didn't bother to read all of it (I'd be scared if you did) and I'm sure you implemented something into this (Obviously you can't please everyone, and whatever advice you followed I'm sure I can live with) but I certainly hope that those triangles sticking out in front of the fighters aren't their radar ranges. I mean, if it were me I'd assume that all ships in the WC Universe have a 360 (or 720 in true space, but for this sim 360) degree radar.

5) Stealth

I'm not sure if you're planning on implemented more then one Era of the game into play, but when you do I'm curious as to how you're planning on handling the Confederation and the Kilrathi stealth fighters.

6) Missions

Is it going to be possible for anyone to do any kind of Mission editing for this game? to set up a play campaign for someone else to play through? Just asking.

7) Multiplayer

I know the plan is for multiplayer support, is that still feasible/on the table? If so will it support LAN Games?

8) Border Worlds/Black Lance

Will units from the BWU and the Black Lance be avaible for play in the game?

oh, I'm with Powell.