WC wargame idea

If you mean the Capship Shields, really slow. In Fleet Action one of the Kilrathi mentions that his shields will gain 2% in something less than an hour. This suggests, to me, anyway, that Kilrathi shield generators probably can't recharge more then 3% of their total shields in an hour, and Confed, assuming they have an edge, probably about 5%. I dunno how that works into your program with game times and such.

Personally, I'd love to see this kind of game that lasted, literally, for hours, of hunting tracking following positioning, and striking. Maybe you can have an enemy regeneration option...after you kill them they re-spawn somewhere else in the system so you can just keep playing...

Also, I don't know if you can program in Tractor Beams at all...but like, the Tarawa grabbed something with her tractor beam and managed to slingshot around a planet at super high velocities, it's a much faster turn, much quicker, and safer and easier then burning fuel to turn.

I don't know how you would do that...though...recently in a Wing Commander RPG I used my battleships to slingshot my Carriers past a screening line of destroyers to strike at an enemy fleet. It worked rather well.
2% an hour? Are you sure the shield generators weren't damaged? I'm not really sure of the context, perhaps it just means that the shields are really, really thick.

In Action Stations, the idea behind phase shields was explained as capital ships being able to carry generators so powerful that it was nearly impossible to carry a comparable offensive armament that could batter the shields down... that would seem to imply some massive recharge potential.

Hmm, getting back to the game design issues, it's always been explained to me that phase shields, at least in the WCP era, are largely impenetrable by normal fighter weapons. Torpedos have special electronics that help them match phase and penetrate the shielding, while capital ship guns simply overwhelm the shields at a local point on the hull (that raises an interesting question about what would happen if you delivered a simultaneous volley all across a ship's hull...). I think perhaps it'd be best not to simulate capship recharge at all, at least for phase-shielded ships. I think non-phase-shielded ships usually have recharge stats available...
just curious and still anticipating

I was just curious how the project was comming along and waht if anything has been added. as for capship recharge figure something like 3 percent a minute if everything is ok. now if you hit shield generators and damage them then that recharge will be effected.

later guys.
it's doing fine - I'm working on the GUI stuff: being able to select a fighter from the map, ordering it around, etc.

the next step will be to implement carriers and how they launch fighters

I can't set a date for a demo, but one's coming
What a good idea! ^_^ I'd really like to play this game. Back there, on the good old days in wich I learnt to play WC1 for the first time, I really had the sensation of being a small unit in a bigger "strategy game". This sensation was one of the many things that made me love Wing Commander. Now, it's all the other way around, and it still sounds good! :D

As for your previous questions, sorry to be late, but...

** - Which era would you like to play first? (WC1, WC2, WC3, WC4, Prophecy, SO)

WC1 all the way!

** - Would you want to play the Kilrathi, Nephilim, or Border Worlds?

I would be nice.

** - Do you mind if the game is 2D?


** - How long should a campaign be?

As long as it takes.

** - How should capships be killed?

Damage to systems should be able to reduce the capship's efficiency, but I'm positive that heavy damage to the core is the best way to kill them.

** - Would you like to play in multiple systems at a time (with jump points connecting - kind of like Conquest: Frontier Wars)?


** - Would you like to be able to build new ships?


- Should I address the fuel and missile supply problem? (Basically, do you want an infinite or limited amount of missiles and afterburner fuel to put on your fighters? SHould I keep track of regular fuel?)

CERTAINLY!!!! :D If not, what would those supply transporsts be good for? And what is Wing Commander without transports being escorted in an out? Bring logistics to this game! ^_^
the hardest thing to do is come up with a good system I think you should consider having a difference between regular and vetran pilots and a good scale on increasing skills as you go along

hows it comming?

Just wondered how the project was comming along.

Also on another note. This game has you commanding a wing on a carrier I presume. Have you considered down the road creating one where you can manage resources and build ships to fight on more of a stragegic level?

just wondered.
I've started work on GUI, interface, streamlining, etc.

Here's a screenshot of what it's like so far...

Sorry for the blur, but you can see the 3 Vampires, 3 Panthers, 3 Morays, 3 Manta Bs, & the Midway

[Screenshot removed 7-16-2005]
I've played some, if not all, of all 3 SFC games - while the ship management dynamics are excellent and graphics are way better than anything I could do, I found use of fighters and shuttles to be very limited (and virtually none in SFC3), and there was no support for pilots or resource management

also, the Star Trek universe has a different set of rules than the WC universe (warping vs. jumping, how cloaks work, use of missiles & turrets in WC)

I'm wondering: what resolutions are most people running at?
I'm at 800x600, because of my crappy computer, so anything higher would stop me from playing until i buy a new PC :(
I'll run at ANY, and I quote, ANY Resolution to play this game.

Casper have you looked at Fleet Command by Jane's Combat Simulations? What you're doing is almost exactly the same as what's on there.
maybe GBA-Type system

if you've ever played games like Advance Wars or ZOE: Fist of Mars for Game Boy Advance, You'll see that they both have a great turnbased overhead battle system. In advance wars there are many different types of machines and people to use creating great variety, it would be 2d but in both games when you attack you see a short 3d animation of the unit you chose to attack, attacking. Plz don't be mad at me for this. (It's just a suggestion.) The field is tile based, so you could make a capship take up 4 and a fighter 1, or something like that. It would be a lot easier, and plus I think you guys would like it. Also when you are attacked in ZOE you can try to dodge (as in move your unit away from the crosshair, or try to move you crosshair to the enemy unit.), if the enemy does not succesfully lock on to you with his crosshairs in the given amount of time (it varies) you are not damaged. I'll paste some urls for screenshots.
casperXJ said:
An old copy of Harpoon made me think of starting a wargame based on WC. Here's how it would go:

You're the CAG on a fleet carrier and are responsible for assigning pilots and fighters on missions that the captain assigns you. You have a certain number of fighters, pilots, fuel, and missiles at the beginning of the game which you must carefully use. There are 3 phases to every mission:

Preflight - You assign fighters to the mission and group them in wings. Each fighter also is assigned a pilot, missiles, and a certain amount of fuel. Unlike in the games, not all fighters will have full missile complements.

Inflight - You launch each fighter by wing. You direct them to certain nav points, where they engage enemy fighters and capships. You must also direct SAR to ejected pilots before the enemy gets to them, and can send out refuelers and SWACS craft. Once combat is completed, you land all fighters and support craft.

Postflight - Ejected pilots must sit out 2 missions. Wounded pilots must sit out 1 mission. You assign skill increases and medals to pilots with a certain number of kills. Damaged fighters must sit out 1 mission. Fuel and missiles must be offloaded.

This game would be in Java and have single-player only initially.

Tell me what you think...
Or this may become an RTS game too !

the Tigers versus the Humans + the Bugs from the Prophecy ... at last 3 races to manage...

Do you thin this would be a good idea to mae the very 1st RTS without any ground+sea units, just AIR units instead ? ...
Eh...it's my personal opinion, and this is MY opinion, that the way this game is being set up it should NOT include resource management and constrution.

This game is a War Game, It's Fleet Admiral, not Secretary of the Navy (assuming WC has such things). Any kind of resource management would detract from gameplay.

Also, I just wanted to mention to Casper if he hasn't thought of it already:
Don't forget about under-way replenishment, for fighters as well as capships. They should be able to refuel/rearm on the fly, like with a shuttle for example.

And please please please include some random factor so that pilots can eject and you have to send out a SAR bird. I think that would be cool.
let me add a few comments:

- this is a LOT of ideas for one programmer, so please forgive me if I take a while to respond to these posts
- I'm trying to implement a HTML- or XML-based ship library, so that importing ships would be a lot easier
- I'm kind of stuck on the concept of enemy AI, and could use some suggestions on how it should make decisions, for example
- also, there's the issue of pilots & skills - it seems that from the WC game point of view, Confed pilots are WAY better than Kilrathi or Nephilim ones - I don't know if I should correct this, since the other races always have numerical advantage - right now, as I have it, pilot skills are generated randomly, with each race getting bonuses in certain areas, but different race pilots of the same level have about the same skills
- since Jason_Ryock pointed out that a Fleet Admiral would never do resource management, I've taken out the decoy/afterburner fuel management - that's just too complex - I think it's safe to assume that Confed has unlimted supplies of each