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Fenris Ulven said:
It should be more like in the came short: Flint, Flash, Sparks, hunter, cobra and so on and not much longer than: vegabond, maverick, maniac, hobbes, iceman.....

Yes, short names are usually good. Though, if you’re going to pick your own call sign it may help if you think of something that’s personal. Like a trait or something else that defines you.
My call sign, Phoenix, came to me when a friend of mine told me that I have a good ability to bounce back from when we’re playing games with a bunch of people and I happened to be loosing. I’ll usually come from last place out of nowhere and surprise everyone. So basicly I thought of how the legend of the Phoenix raises from its own ashes reborn after it dies. But anyways, that’s what I did and I’ve been using it for awhile now.
Bandit LOAF said:
My only valuable bit of Primate trivia is that he's "J. Allen" in the original game but is changed to "Tony Salvaggio" in the PSX port.

Maybe there are two of them. :confused:
Dahan said:
Bandit how did you get those names for the pilots and all???

when you access the computer before flying a mission, the wingman configuration screen has a brief bio for all pilots that you can fly with, including their name and place of birth and flying atributes
really i didnt think of that
I only have WCV on Playstation everything else is on PC so I didnt think of that I would have to look into it
The callsigns I use when playing WC:p are Eight-ball and Freight. My CIC polo shirt that I ordered has Eight-ball on the side. If another order is done, I'd like to get one with Freight on it.
see how about Homer since his line was mmmmmm Bacon.
Upyr in case ya wanted to know is an old Slavic word meaning vampire....
the speeling differs but some thing like it exists in Polish Czech Russian and Ukrainian.
the middle vowl could be y i (depending on translteration and language) or ie