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warlock said:
percy: if you're going to use top gun as a source*

Apologies to you Sir. I wasn't refering to "Top Gun" as the definitive source on what 'valid' callsigns should be. I was merely suggesting the pattern that callsigns always seem to follow and without spending a stupid amount of time thinking about it, I picked Top Gun as a quick example (aside from the more obvious WC universe).
Apologies if it ruffled your feathers.

However, just to follow up on the point that you made about choosing your own callsign and your flight buddies choosing one for you, I think I found the cartoon that illustrates the point to a tee.

hehehe, I still laugh at dilbert... i got this one on email this week.
IT's funny how it's fashionable to hate mainstream stuff like dilbert, friends etc on the internet. All the "cool" kids hate these things. 24h seems to be quite immune to that, though.
From my experience, not only do your flightmates choose your callsign, they usually do it based on something you did or something you are. (Slightly bigger build and barely squeeze in there? There's "Shrek". A few more, too, but none pop off the top of my head).

Considering oddball events are the easiest way to remember someone, it's probably easier to remember that the guy who "Trip"ped coming down the ladder, than to associate the face to a name. Or the guy with a slight dent in his head "Divot". Far easier to remember odd details like that than the name. And since changing squadrons can change your callsign, well, it helps in this theory that it helps everyone else remember you.

(For me, it was high school, and I was enjoying learning Klingon, so... and I ran with it. No one said you can't try to profit from it!)
warlock said:
percy: if you're going to use top gun as a source*, at least read the credits and cite callsigns from the actual pilots who helped out. real pilots don't pick their own callsigns, their flightmates do, and if they try to call themselves something "cool" and "bad"**, it ends up backfiring big. hence they don't have tags like "maverick" "iceman" and "viper".

they're more like "rat" "bozo" "bio" "tex" "jaws" (who probably was named for talkativeness rather than after a shark) "loner" "horse" "silver" "curly" (for a guy with the last name of 'moe') - note a pattern? short, sweet, simple.

(*: note: never ever do this; i saw top gun with some real naval aviation types and they were muttering "can't do that in a tomcat... can't do that in a tomcat... can't do that in a tomcat... can do that in a tomcat, but you'd lose your wings...")

(**: i realize my own callsign breaks this rule, but i didn't come up with it)

Watching military movies afte you join the military sometimes starts to get to you... I know I do it with all sorts of Army things....
Fusion Chamberlin = 5
Gorilla Envelope = 7
Kombat Wombat = 4
HitlerStalin = 3
The Iron Milkshake = 6
Unexplained Ninja = 8
Slappy Cromwell = 2
Hop Pocket = 1
That is my rating in order and besides isnt callsign suppose to reflect on the character and suppose to sound good than sound somthing stupid??
Heck, watching Top Gun or other flying movies after getting my license (or during my training) for my PPL, and it gets hard to watch, as well.

It seems movies are made for the stupid. The instant you do what the movie inspired you to do, you realize how silly the whole premise was in the first place. The real trick to watching movies is the ability to suspend disbelief for the couple of hours and not let reality kick in.

And yes, I still like Top Gun and various other movies and TV shows. It's entertainment, and the flying parts, though fanciful, is good watching.
upyr1 said:
you need to earn a call sign like for obvious reaons I am also knowen as Typo.

Bringing that up again is really not smart. All your post is going to do is invite people to suggest typos were the least of your problems.
And you're failing miserably. Just drop it, clean up your posts and act like a normal forum member.
I think he was refering to me on the double posting, and I know i have got to a bad start with Chris.....