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Just to see what everyone thinks, put these in order of coolest to least. These are my favorite callsigns:

Fusion Chamberlin
Gorilla Envelope
Kombat Wombat
The Iron Milkshake
Unexplained Ninja
Slappy Cromwell
Hop Pocket

I know they look silly, but whose Callsign isn't?
I hate to say this, but I think all of them are too long and too 2nd Grade.

Iron Milkshake is probably the best one. IMO a really good callsign should have a story behind it. So maybe a little background as to why you like those callsigns is in order.

I could picture Iron Milkshake as a tub of lard pilot with incredible survival skills. Like a fat ironman.
It should be more like in the came short: Flint, Flash, Sparks, hunter, cobra and so on and not much longer than: vegabond, maverick, maniac, hobbes, iceman.....
Fatcat said:
Just to see what everyone thinks, put these in order of coolest to least. These are my favorite callsigns:

I know they look silly, but whose Callsign isn't?

Mine isn't. "Fusion Chamberlain" is a terrible callsign. As others have said, callsigns are short and efficient nicknames pilots use during missions. They shouldn't be weirdo words mixed together because they sound hip and cool.
Mine is "FenrisUlven" from my countrys old mytologi. just as my call name at this forum. sometimes i uses Le loup or Redfox, or firefox :D ,
Gotta agree on the non usability of them. The only one that I'd consider somewhat usable and cool is "Kombat Wombat".
Agreed...desk jockeys...

One of the longer callsigns I know is the one I currently go by - Harlequin. Why, because I'm always a joker, always gaming and trying to avoid the serious stuff (like work) when I can. Heck, even my WORK involves making games! :p
I need to stick my head in a bucket of ice water after reading those.
and the callsings give noe sense. It is much more sense in cobra (a typical call name on a especially kind of pilot, have heard it many times in WW1 movies), flint (a very hard stone), maverick (a wild young bull or something), vagabond (a hobo with no home), flash (if your flashing you have to expect much bashing), this make sense, same those hunter, iceman, jazz (playing piano), spirit, angel (her look il guess), sparks (her look, hm, maybe because she is a mechanic). "Gorilla Envelope" doses not make any sense. anyway you got the point? no?
When I was in the USAF, most pilots chose common names that were easy to remember.
Most were either car names like; Mustang, 'Cuda, Camaro, or of aircraft, such as; Warthog, Crusader, Phantom, Eagle, etc.
Other names used, included card games, Poker, Spades, Ace, King, etc.

The main reason for using a callsign is to protect the pilot's identity, especially if shot down, and captured.
Therefore, it HAS to be a name/word that is easy for even a new pilot to remember during combat.
(Which is a difficult enough time, without having to remember your wingmen's names!)
The only one I like in the list is Kombat Wombat, maybe because the words rhyme. But if a pilot in an air force had this callsign, the other pilots would probably end up just calling him Wombat. You really do need a one word callsign, since it is much easier to remember, as already explained by Warzog. I don't think I can remember a single callsign from all the wing commander games which was more than just one word.
McGruff said:
Kombat Wombat is the best of a sorry lot. That, or HitlerStalinPolpotClintonTolwyn.

Haha, that's pretty funny.

I've got to admit after reading that sorry list my IQ dropped a few points and at my level I cant' afford to be losing points like that. My advise, scratch everything on that list. Go get a book of famous Aces find one that you really admire and adopt their callsign, if you really want to be creative put a "II" after it. (As in: "Red Baron II" or just shorten it to "Baron").