Creating a computer-aided version of WCTO

Glad to see you're still with us! :) I was pretty sure you had good reasons as to why you went missing. Don't worry about this - as much as I am excited to see WCTOO evolve, I understand that real life business will always have priority over this project. Heck, I think I had 9 big concerts/solo performances these last few weeks, so I was quite busy myself - I can relate to how you must feel, preparing for that conference... :p

Anyway, if you need to take some time off, no one here will blame you. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for your chairmanship! ;)
Found another of the too-deep cyclic redundancy bugs. Easy enough to fix (see way above for last time we hit one of these). Looks like turn 3 EP is up and running.
Looks like something quirky is happening in turn 3 with 3 of the stacked indicators all close together, I'm personally seeing the drop-downs pre-visible (they should be hidden until you mouse over the stack!). it doesn't seem to have caused any serious side effects, although I notice the field report is missing.

Unfortunately with my conference starting in 2 days, I don't know if I'll be able to fix it before next week. I'll post the field report in the other thread just for clarity.
Okay, I'm sort-of back now.

I've gotten some sleep and caught up on real work, my first priority will be to build you guys the 'who hasn't submitted orders yet' window, then look into the chaff stuff ironduke figured out over in Game 2, then finally fix the issues we just had with the multi-select popup being all over the place and hard to use in Game 3.
Glad to have you back! And yes, the "who's missing" info would be very nice to have. :)
We could also use an email reminder when there's a new phase online. Doesn't have to be pretty, either...

And congratulations on your successful conference! Read it in the other thread... :)
So I "fixed" the field reports even further. Basically I've made it so that what gets passed out to the javascript has absolutely no hard returns in it, so they won't disappear or break things. Down the road, we'll actually want to see things paced out and coloured nicely in the reports, but it is preferable to have it be one long ugly string with lots of html/css doing the actual formatting. (At the moment, no formatting information is being passed out).

This *might* have solved the overlapping pop-up issue we had in the previous turn of game 3, but I'm not sure.
Goody! :) In game 2, turn 58 CP, all orders seem to be in, but the game doesn't advance to EP. Not sure if you're still supporting game 2 after game 3 started, but it might be worth checking out.
I am definitely still supporting Game 2; there is a lot of useful testing we need to work out over there... I'll look into why it stalled later on in my queue of things to do, after I deal with the chaff display stuff that is also in game 2.
Okay, Phase 5 now has a new 'intercepted communications' window. This is drawing information from 2 different sources. The 'remaining' counter is pulling from the turn data, whereas the ship lists are pulled from the pieces data. If everything is working perfectly, the number of ships on the right (in red) should equal the 'remaining' counter. Sometimes this isn't the case, and then I'll need to hack it to fix it. It probably indicates a bug.
And by popular demand, I just whiped together an auto-email to be sent out when a new turn is available. Still haven't looked into the chaff problem, nor added the ships of our newest arrival to Game 3.
Thanks for the email notification feature! This should be helpful... Now you only need a reminder to be sent every 12h when someone hasn't submitted his or her orders yet. :p Kidding, of course!
Hm, maybe one reminder after 12h then...
Of course, it would be great if we could get automated turns if someone is absent for more than 24h (like maintain speed and course in MP and don't do anything in CP and EP). Or the possibility to relinquish command to team mates - that would be nifty, but probably only in WCTOO 1.1 or even 2.0! :p
It is definitely in my longterm plan to have teammates take control of members after X time, with a visible countdown timer that can be set by the game creator; none of that is particularly hard, but we're a ways away from it. I *have* alreayd laid the groundwork, in that I'm tracking most recent actions on the games themselves, and the most recent actions of each pilot user.

In good news, I solved the weird pop-up pre-display issue on the multi-selectors. This should clean up the display when you first visit a turn/phase with an indicator stack on it.
Messed around for about 2 hours tonight trying to improve the drop-down multiselector used when indicators are piled, but anytime it seems to behave slightly better, some other aspect of it breaks. It is based on beta code - not yet officially part of the jquery UI - and it shows. Unfortunately, my time appears wasted in this endeavour, and we'll have to, for now, settle for it to function as is, until I can think of a way to wrap it that will show/hide it more dependably without breaking the drop-down itself.
I know how that is. Sometimes you just have to put it down to time spent on research even if the development aspect doesn't succeed.
The 'incoming:' slide-out tab section has been udpated to use the short-form missile names. Let me know if there are any issues.
Hmm, Game 3's most recent turn has a discrepancy; six ships in red, but a counter of 5 ships.

I'm guessing this is because Sivar's Breath took evasive action, so the 'remaining orders' counter went down, but then since it ended off the map, it was dropped from the 'completed' list, and I forgot to re-augment the remaining counter when the total number of ships dropped.

Hacked a fix, putting 'remaining' back to 6.

Also put in a code fix that should prevent this from happening in the future.
Found yet another bug in the email players-on-turn-complete routine. I don't know why these aren't throwing error messages, but apparently they aren't. Hopefully *now* they'll receive an email.