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Taggart's Tactics was an article by James Taggart which appeared in Vol. 1 No. 4 of Claw Marks. It was subtitled "How To Go Out There, Accomplish Your Objective, and (Best of All) Come Back Home Again."

Taggart's Tactics was written at the request of the Claw Marks staff, who asked Taggart to write an article about basic piloting tactics, goals and maneuvers after the deaths of Captain R.A. Skinner and Lieutenant Larry Dibbles in a Kilrathi ambush.

The article was divided up into an introduction and nine sections: Truth from the Black Box, Basic Tactics: A Review, Individual Objectives, Mission Objectives, First Contact, Maneuvering, Standard Maneuvers, Evasion Tactics and Last Notes.

It also included four sidebars on the history of the Terran-Kilrathi War: 25 Years Ago, 20 Years Ago, 15 Years Ago and 5 Years Ago.