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Type Shuttle Craft/Passenger Transport/Passenger Liner
Model TRAN
Maximum Yaw 15 dps
Maximum Pitch 15 dps
Maximum Roll 15 dps
Acceleration 48 k/s2
Maximum 200 kps
Maximum Afterburner 400 kps
Jump Drive D-drive
Fore 125 cm equivalent
Aft 125 cm equivalent
Right 125 cm equivalent
Left 125 cm equivalent
Front 275 cm
Rear 275 cm
Right 275 cm
Left 275 cm
Tri-System circa 2790.

The Previa is a civilian passenger transport which entered service before 2785. Four configurations exist: a 50-passenger shuttle craft, a 100 passenger passenger transport and 150 and 300 person passenger liners

Notable Previa include A452_467H (2786), a shuttle craft, F992_343C (2787), a passenger transport, I345_623D (2789), a passenger liner, M609_346D (2786), a shuttle craft, S357_351B (2785), a 150-person liner and W672_113D (2790), a 300-person liner. In a famous space accident, Previa G745_453F was hit by an asteroid. All 86 passengers and crew were lost. All of the aforementioned Previa are operated by Universal Passenger Liners.

Previa are also operated by individual corporations. Messineo Couriers, Bex Mining Co., and Meredith Design all operate the craft. The Max-Foo Leisure Complex has a fleet of three. The Dark Moon Rompers use a previa, 'Romper One', as their team transport. Buddy Carlson of Dynamite Productions uses a Previa to film simulated space battles. The CIS also uses Previa shuttlecraft as a lighter alternative to their larger military transports. CIS Shuttle 013AZL is an example.