Shiraak-class carrier

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Shiraak-Class Carrier
Type Carrier
Length 1325 maks, (725 meters)
Mass 4 octomils (3.25 million kg)
Max Velocity 62 om/s, (50 m/s)
Cruise Velocity 62 om/s, (50 m/s)
Acceleration Poor
Max Y/P/R 1/1/1 dps
Turrets Flak Gun (10)
Armor fore/aft/sides 132 zm each, (90 cm)
Shields fore/aft 170 zm each, (120 cm)
Cloak No
Jump Drive Yes

Shirakk Target Identification, circa 2669.

The Shiraak is a class of Kilrathi Carriers.

Prince Thrakhath deployed the KIS Shiraak (23rd Vessel of the Imperial Fleet) as his "final messenger to the Terrans" in early 2669 following his aborted Earth campaign. The carrier was ordered to cross enemy lines and launch revenge raids on human military forces and planets. The Shiraak was expected to operate until its destruction, and no plans were made for retrieval.

Before crossing into human space, the Shiraak engaged the TCS Lexington (133B). The two ships fought a series of running battles across the Jakal, Teragon and Evian Systems.

Wing Commander: Armada