Pinet el-Susse

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Pinet el-Susse
Occupation Escort pilot
Skill Level 1

CCN Entry


NAME Pinet el-Susse
SHIP Aurora
HIRE 120
'What pirate?'

Some poor souls cannot help but be drawn into the ruthless world of mercenaries and pirates, attracted by the danger and excitement through their own inadequacy. El-Susse is a prime example, a bespectacled buffoon whose ineptitude behind a joystick is matched only by the poverty of his aim. Pilots of his calibre die by the dozen every hour of the Standard Day, but despite all the odds, El-Susse has managed to come through unscathed, largely through blind luck. If you're thinking of hiring him, note that his very low hire fee is an accurate representation of his use, though some of his good fortune may well rub off on you.

Behind the Screens

Darkening Team Member: Chris Batson