C-9 Pelican

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Type Transport
Ships of the Line TCS Barkley
TCS Porter


Wing Commander: Prophecy

Wing Commander Prophecy - The Official Strategy Guide

The transport plays a vital role in the war effort. In a very real sense, it feeds the fight. Transports are essentially the same as shuttles, only instead of conveying troops it conveys equipment such as tanks, food, fuel, weapons and other war materials to the front. Without these supplies, combat effectivness drops in half over a period of hours, and can grind to a complete halt within a day. Transports are important, but unfortunately, they are also a liability. Slow and close to unmanouverable, it is an easy target for enemy fighters, and must be defended at all costs. This is made even more difficult due to its need to go where the combat is hottest.

The transport consists of several constituent parts: Engines, bridge, turrets, con towers and weapons. Its external appearance various considerably according to its cargo.

The Pelican is lightly shielded and armored to save space and energy, and essentially relies on an escort for survival through the combat zone. It has four small turrets, so it can defend itself to some small degree, but is essentially a slow and lumbering target.