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Wing Commander Pilgrim Stars
Author(s) Peter Telep
Language(s) English
Publisher HarperEntertainment
Publication Date August 28, 1999
Pages 301 pp
ISBN 0-061-05986-2
Retail Price U.S. $6.50 C.A.N. $8.50
UPC-A 0 99455 00650 7
UPC-E 05986
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Wing Commander Pilgrim Stars (or Wing Commander: Pilgrim Stars) is a Wing Commander novel by Peter Telep. It was published by HarperEntertainment on August 28, 1999. Pilgrim Stars was the first of two novels by Telep contracted to follow the events of the Wing Commander movie and the only one published. Its intended follow-up, Pilgrim Truth, was completed but never officially released. Pilgrim Stars has not been published internationally or translated.

Cover Copy



A rogue Confederation starship is torching innocent worlds!

Based on characters created by Chris Roebrts
from the Wing Commander motion picture.

Novel by Peter Telep


 Welcome to the real world! Christopher
Blair, his sexy flymate, Dev, and his pal Maniac
graduated from the Confed's elite Academy
straight into a nasty, three-way war. Their ship, the
Tiger Claw, is battling not only alien Kilrathi
destroyers, but rebels who have stolen the swift
Rapier and Broadsword fighters of the Con-
Claw and crew are caught in the middle of
a deadly rebellion, led by rogue Pilgrims who want
to cleanse the Universe and reseed it with perfect
humans. Choosing sides isn't easy. Especially when
your former friends are even more ruthless than the
aliens you were trained to fight!


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Prologue ix-xvi 2654.079.1100 IST Dralthi Space K'n'Rek Torshk The Olympus destroys a Kilrathi patrol.
Chapter 1, Part One 1-6 2654.079.1340 CST Tiger Claw Flight Wing Briefing Room Gimle Blair Gerald briefs the Black Lions on recon missions in the Mylon system.
Chapter 1, Part Two 6-14 2654.079.1400 CST Tiger Claw Flight Deck Ymir to Mylon Blair The Black Lions patrol the Mylon System and discover that the colony on Mylon Three has been destroyed.
Chapter 2, Part One 15-16 2654.079.1500 CST Rapier High Orbit of Mylon Three Mylon Blair The Black Lions rescue civilian survivors of the Mylon attack.
Chapter 2, Part Two 16-19 2654.079.1900 CST Tiger Claw Flight Deck Mylon Blair Blair and Maniac return from their patrol and find a crowded flight deck.
Chapter 2, Part Three 19-21 2654.079.1915 CST Tiger Claw Sick Bay Mylon Gerald Gerald interrogates survivors of the Mylon attack.
Chapter 3, Part One 21-25 2654.079.1930 IST Shark'Ar'Roc Bridge K'n'Rek Vukar Vukar interrogates the survivor of the Olympus attack and then recieves a communication from the Emperor.
Chapter 3, Part Two 25-26 Tiger Claw Bridge Mylon Gerald Gerald monitors the arrival of the Diligent.
Chapter 3, Part Three 26-30 Tiger Claw Flight Control Room Mylon Gerald Paladin delivers orders from Tolwyn to Gerald.
Chapter 4, Part One 31-35 2654.079.1930 CST Olympus Flight Deck Tartarus Santyana Aristee explains to Santyana that he will be flying for the Olympus.
Chapter 4, Part Two 35-37 Concordia Flight Deck Lafayette Bellegarde Bellegarde returns from vacation.
Chapter 4, Part Three 37-40 Concordia Tolwyn's Quarters Lafayette Bellegarde Tolwyn, Bellegarde and Gregarov discuss the Olympus' attacks.
Chapter 5, Part One 41-44 2654.080.0600 CST Tiger Claw Bridge Tartarus Gerald The Tiger Claw arrives at Tartarus and discovers the Olympus landing troops on the planet.
Chapter 5, Part Two 44-54 2654.080.0607 CST Rapier Space Tartarus Blair The Black Lions engage the Olympus and fall into a gravity well.
Chapter 6, Part One 55-57 2654.080.0730 CST Tiger Claw Taggart's Quarters Tartarus Gerald Gerald demands answers about the Olympus from Tolwyn.
Chapter 6, Part Two 57-59 Tiger Claw Blair & Marshall's Quarters Tartarus Blair Blair talks with Merlin about Angel.
Chapter 6, Part Three 59-65 Tiger Claw Wardroom Tartarus Blair Paladin briefs department heads on the Olympus.
Chapter 7, Part One 66-69 2654.082.1430 CST Olympus Santyana's Quarters Lafayette-Tamayo Santyana Santyana begins to notice that his family is being brain washed by the Pilgrims.
Chapter 7, Part Two 69-72 Olympus Bridge Lafayette-Tamayo Aristee Aristee and Frotur McDaniel discuss her plans to receieve the Protur's blessing.
Chapter 7, Part Three 72-75 Concordia Bridge Ymir Bellegarde The Concordia engages a Kilrathi battle group.
Chapter 8, Part One 76-79 2654.082.2200 IST Shark'Ar'Roc Ready Room Unk. to Tartarus Vukar Vukar communicates with Satorshck to discuss the political situation.
Chapter 8, Part Two 79-84 2654.083.0730 CST Tiger Claw Blair & Marshall's Quarters Unk. to Lafayette-Tamayo Blair Blair experiences a vision of his mother during a jump.
Chapter 8, Part Three 84-89 Diligent Bridge Lafayette-Tamayo Blair Paladin takes Blair in the Diligent to communicate with Frotur McDaniel.
Chapter 9, Part One 90-93 2654.083.0800 CST Diligent Bridge Lafayette-Tamayo Blair Paladin orders the Tiger Claw to Blythehart.
Chapter 9, Part Two 93 Tiger Claw Flight Deck Lafayette-Tamayo Blair The Diligent returns to the Tiger Claw.
Chapter 9, Part Three 93-98 Tiger Claw Blair & Marshall's Quarters Lafayette-Tamayo Blair Gerald orders Blair to report on Paladin.
Chapter 9, Part Four 98-100 2654.083.1300 CST Tiger Claw Flight Wing Briefing Room Lafayette-Tamayo Blair The Black Lions conduct an after action review which results in Blair being confined to quarters.
Chapter 9, Part Five 100-103 Tiger Claw Corridor Lafayette-Tamayo Blair Blair discusses Angel with Merlin.
Chapter 9, Part Six 103-104 Tiger Claw Deveraux's Quarters Lafayette-Tamayo Blair Blair visits Angel's quarters.
Chapter 10, Part One 105-107 2654.088.0400 CST Tiger Claw Flight Wing Ready Room Blythehart to McDaniel's World Blair The Tiger's Claw jumps to McDaniel's World.
Chapter 10, Part Two 107-108 Tiger Claw Flight Deck McDaniel's World Blair Paladin orders Blair to accompany him in the Diligent.
Chapter 10, Part Three 108-124 Rapier Space McDaniel's World Maniac The Black Lions face off against the Olympus; Maniac is trapped during its escape.
Chapter 11, Part One 125-126 2654.088.0510 CST Rapier Space McDaniel's World Maniac Maniac survives the jump to McDaniel's World.
Chapter 11, Part Two 126-130 Shark'Ar'Roc Bridge Lafayette-Tamayo Vukar Vukar argues with Makorshk about what is happening with the Olympus.
Chapter 11, Part Three 130-134 2654.092 Concordia Bellegarde's Quarters Unk. Bellegarde Tolwyn catches Bellegarde drinking in his quarters.
Chapter 11, Part Four 134-136 Tiger Claw Bridge En Route to Hell's Kitchen Angel Gerald discusses the loss of Blair and Paladin with Angel.
Chapter 11, Part Five 136-137 Tiger Claw Deveraux's Quarters En Route to Hell's Kitchen Angel Angel recieves a last e-mail from Blair.
Chapter 12, Part One 138-145 2654.088.2200 CST Olympus Flight Deck En Route to Aloysius Blair Blair and Paladin arrive on the Olympus and discover Maniac.
Chapter 12, Part Two 145-148 2654.088.2215 CST Olympus Aft Storage Area En Route to Aloysius Blair Aristee shows Blair and Paladin the modified hopper drive.
Chapter 13, Part One 149-153 2654.095.0900 CST Tiger Claw Bridge Hell's Kitchen Gerald The Tiger Claw establishes a no-fly zone at Netheranya.
Chapter 13, Part Two 153-159 2654.095 Olympus Brig En Route to Aloysius Blair Blair and Maniac endure time in the brig; Paladin visits to update them on Aristee's plans.
Chapter 14, Part One 160-168 2654.098.0330 IST Shark'Ar'Roc Bridge Pephedro to Hell's Kitchen Vukar Tolwyn's message prompts the Kilrathi to halt a jump; Makorshk duels with Jatark and challenges Vukar.
Chapter 14, Part Two 168-172 2654.102 Rapier Space Hell's Kitchen Angel The Black Lions engage Vukar's battle group.
Chapter 15, Part One 173-179 2654.112.0730 CST Olympus Brig En Route to Aloysius Blair Blair meets Karista Mullens and learns about the concept of pairs.
Chapter 15, Part Two 179-183 2654.112.2232 CST Olympus Brig Aloysius Santyana Santyana visits the brig and makes plans to escape with Blair and Maniac.
Chapter 15, Part Three 183-186 Olympus Bridge Aloysius Paladin The Olynmpus resupplies; Paladin reveals to Aristee that he knows she murdered Carver Tsu the Second.
Chapter 16, Part One 187-191 2654.113.1100 IST Shark'Ar'Roc Vukar's Quarters Freya Vukar Dax'tri taunts Vukar and informs him that the Ragitagha have allied with the Caxki.
Chapter 16, Part Two 191-196 Concordia Wardroom McDaniel's World Bellegarde Gregarov confronts Tolwyn over his threat to destroy Pilgrim civilians.
Chapter 16, Part Three 196-198 Planet Aloysius Prime Aloysius Paladin Paladin and Aristee travel to Aloysius Prime to oversee the resupply efforts.
Chapter 16, Part Four 198-199 2654.114.1125 CST Planet Aloysius Prime Aloysius Paladin The Olympus recieves Tolwyn's message and informs Aristee on the planet.
Chapter 17, Part One 200-205 2654.113.2230 CST Olympus Brig Aloysius Blair Karista Mullens teaches Blair about his psychokinetic abilities.
Chapter 17, Part Two 205-206 Planet Aloysius Prime Aloysius Aristee Aristee and Paladin discuss Tolwyn's threat.
Chapter 17, Part Three 206-210 Planet Aloysius Prime Aloysius Paladin Paladin and Aristee rush to return to the Olympus before the Kilrathi attack.
Chapter 17, Part Four 210-213 Olympus Brig Aloysius Blair Paladin asks Maniac and Blair to defend the Olympus from the Kilrathi.
Chapter 18, Part One 214-216 2654.114.0022 CST Olympus Wardroom Aloysius Karista Aristee orders the other psychokinetic Pilgrims to fight the Kilrathi, prompting some to refuse.
Chapter 18, Part Two 216-219 Shark'Ar'Roc Bridge Aloysius Vukar The Kilrathi battle group attempts to reach the Olympus before it can jump out.
Chapter 18, Part Three 219-226 Rapier Space Aloysius Maniac Maniac and Blair fight the Kilrathi in their Rapiers.
Chapter 19, Part One 227-231 2654.114.0055 CST Rapier Space Aloysius Maniac Maniac and Blair discuss disabling the Olympus.
Chapter 19, Part Two 231-233 Shark'Ar'Roc Bridge Aloysius Vukar Vukar realizes that the Olympus is using psychokinetic Pilgrims to kill his warriors.
Chapter 19, Part Three 233-234 Olympus Bridge Aloysius Aristee Aristee oversees the battle with the Kilrathi.
Chapter 19, Part Four 234-239 Rapier Space Aloysius Maniac Paladin launches in a Rapier to convince Maniac not to attack the Olympus.
Chapter 19, Part Five 239-240 Olympus Mullens' Quarters Aloysius Karista Karista Mullens and her supporters refuse to fight for Aristee.
Chapter 20, Part One 241-247 2654.114.0122 CST Olympus Flight Deck Aloysius Blair Blair and Maniac land on the Olympus and stop Aristee from executing the unwilling psychokinetic Pilgrims; Blair agrees to use his ability.
Chapter 20, Part Two 247-253 Olympus After Observation Bubble Aloysius Blair Blair uses his psychokinetic ability to attack the Kilrathi
Chapter 21, Part One 254-255 2654.128.0900 CST Concordia Bridge McDaniel's World Bellegarde Bellegarde learns that the Confederation has recovered a defector from the Olympus.
Chapter 21, Part Two 255-260 2654.128.0910 CST Concordia Map Room McDaniel's World Bellegarde Tolwyn reveals to Bellegarde that Gregarov was responsible for the development of the modified hopper drive.
Chapter 21, Part Three 260-262 Shark'Ar'Roc Bridge Aloysius Vukar Vukar develops a new plan to attack the Olympus using Skipper missiles.
Chapter 21, Part Four 262-269 2654.135 Olympus Sick Bay Unk. Blair Santyana breaks Blair and Karista Mullens out of sickbay in an attempt to disable the hopper drive.
Chapter 22, Part One 270-278 2654.128.1000 CST Olympus Aft Storage Area Port Hedland to Sol Blair Blair and company are unable to disable the hopper drive before the Olympus jumps to Sol.
Chapter 22, Part Two 278-280 Rapier Space Sol Angel The Black Lions take up positions as rearguard for the Tiger Claw.
Chapter 22, Part Three 280-283 Olympus Aft Storage Area Sol Blair Blair and company escape Aristee during the battle.
Chapter 22, Part Four 283-285 Rapier Space Sol Angel Confederation pilots refuse orders to withdraw to attack the Olympus' complement even though they have surrendered. Angel orders the Black Lions to intercede.
Chapter 23, Part One 286-292 2654.128.1045 CST Diligent Space Sol Blair Paladin actives the hopper drive but sets it to a normal gravity well instead of one capable of destroying Earth. Everyone attempts to abandon the Olympus.
Chapter 23, Part Two 292-295 Rapier Space Sol Angel The Black Lions protect the Diligent from vengeful Confederation pilots.
Chapter 23, Part Three 295-296 Diligent Space Sol Blair Blair and Maniac escape in the Diligent carrying other survivors.
Epilogue, Part One 297-298 2654.130.0800 CST Concordia Wardroom Sol Blair Tolwyn debriefs Blair and Maniac.
Epilogue, Part Two 299-300 Concordia Corridor Sol Blair Blair reconnects with Angel.
Epilogue, Part Three 300-301 2654.130 Concordia Aristee's Quarters Unk. Paladin Aristee and Taggart have survived aboard the crippled Olympus.
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