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Winston Chang# 1542 

Name Winston Chang
Callsign Vagabond
Rank Lieutenant
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Born 2631
Died 2673.224
Homeworld Enigma Sector
About Winston Chang was born in 2631, somewhere in the Enigma sector. He was of Chinese descent, and known for being very fond of card games, always having a deck of cards ready.

Winston worked for Dr Philip Severin in the demolitions business, but quit after a devastating demolition test on Pax VII. Dr Severin’s test killed millions of Paxon civilians, but the Confederation censored the incident as an accident. Winston resigned from demolitions, feeling guilty for his role in the destruction, and became a pilot instead, taking the callsign Vagabond to reflect his wanderer’s spirit. Vagabond held the rank of lieutenant in the Confederation Space Force.

By 2669, Vagabond was serving on the TCS Victory, and was awarded “Pilot of the Month” on 2669.120. He acted as a decoy ship during an ambush on a small Kilrathi fleet, allowing Longbow bombers to eliminate two destroyers, a corvette and a light carrier. Vagabond was one of the few pilots on the Victory who did not mind flying with Kilrathi defector Ralgha “Hobbes” nar Hhallas, and his care-free attitude was also reflected in his relative disregard for things like military protocol. Vagabond did not take the war with the Kilrathi on a personal level, believing that it is a fair fight in a cockpit. He did not like the idea of destroying an entire planet with the Behemoth.

Despite Vagabond’s view on the Behemoth, he volunteers for the Temblor Bomb attack on Kilrah on 2669.261 – Lancelot Flight – after his friend and fellow Victory pilot, Mitchell “Vaquero” Lopez is killed. Vagabond was also friends with Laurel “Cobra” Buckley and “Jaeger” on the Victory.

On 2669.266, while flying as part of Lancelot Flight, Vagabond is forced to eject in the Kilrah system.

By 2673.218, Vagabond is still a lieutenant, serving on the TCS Lexington, and still enjoys playing cards. Vagabond defected to the Border Worlds Union shortly after this time, along with several other pilots from the Lexington as well as her captain.

On 2673.224, Vagabond attempts an infiltration of a Confederation communications station with Velina Sosa, flying in Manned Insertion Pods launched from Christopher “Maverick” Blair’s fighter. Faced with an unexpectedly high level of security, Vagabond attempts to keep guards occupied while Sosa downloads information from the station computers. Vagabond holds security at bay for some time, but is eventually shot and killed by a station guard. Sosa is forced to flee with the information she has, leaving Vagabond behind.

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