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Evan Bean# 323 

Name Evan Bean
Faction Union of Border Worlds
Race Human
Died 2673.224
About Evan Bean served on the TCS Liberty from her commission until the ship was scrapped. He started out as a turret gunner on a Broadsword before he got his pilot's commission. He lost his commission in the reduction in forces after the Kilrathi War. In the pilot's bar on Nephele II he bumped into Christopher Blair. Blair gave him some money to get a decent meal and intervened when he ran into trouble with Seether.

He was recruited by the Black Lance later that day. They had him raid Kilrathi, Border Worlds and Confederation vessels in unmarked fighters. Bean was captured in the Peleus System by pilots off the BWS Intrepid and he defected to the Border Worlds.

He lead them to the source of a jamming device in the system, where he is killed by Black Lance units. Evan Bean was survived by a number of daughters.

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