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K'Kai# 1517 

Name K'Kai
Faction Firekkan Planetary Alliance
Race Firekkan
Family Kree'Kai, Rikik
Homeworld Firekka
About K'Kai was one of the few Firekkans to leave their flock and go into space. K'Kai was leader of the White Flower flock, but K'Kai broke with the flock when she left Firekka making Kree'Kai flock leader. A few other Firekkans had joined her, and she was now somewhat the matriarch of her own flock. K'Kai was inspired to leave her planet by Larrhi.

Soon after being introduced to the concept of space flight, she left her homeworld and asked to be trained at the nearest space port. She trained the other Firekkans herself.

The flock fly a freighter which ferries cargo for the Confederation. She returned to Firekka to attend the signing of the Articles of Confederation. K'Kai is an excellent pilot, being a flyer by birth helped.

K'Kai first met Hunter in person in the Red Flower. She spoke with Hunter over the comm in the Vega Sector before meeting him.

She's not religious. Her sister, Kree'Kai, is Teehyn Ree of the Firekkans.

When the Kilrathi invaded Firekka in 2655 for their Sivar-Eshrad ceremony, the Firekkans attempted to defend their planet. Lead by K'Kai and using only the rifles given to them by the Confederation, they used their knowledge of the terrain to inflict many Kilrathi casualties. In a raid on the Kilrathi command ship for the landing group, Kree'Kai is killed. Many high ranking Firekkans including Rikik were taken hostage.

K'Kai, Ian St. John, and Kirha decided to attempt a rescue. They boarded the Bonnie Heather while Taggart and Larson were sleeping on the ship. They woke them and informed them that they're hijacking their ship. They planned to tie them up in leave them for someone to find. Instead, Paladin said he wanted to come with them. He said they couldn't run the Bonnie Heather without either him or Gwen Larson. Larson also decided to tag along.

After boarding and infiltrating the Kilrathi station over Ghorah Khar, K'Kai and the rest of the Bonnie Heather crew were able to free the Firekkan prisoners and get them to safety.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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