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Strakha class Medium/Heavy Stealth Fighter# 1424 

Name Strakha class Medium/Heavy Stealth Fighter
Faction Free Republic of the Landreich
About Relatively rare in the Kilrathi arsenal. Cutting edge. They were originally called "Stealth cats" by Confed Intell, before they were encountered in combat.

Designed for sneaking, their hull includes sensor distorting materials. Its irregular shape could confuse scanners. The cloaking device made that the fighter could be completely hidden, both from scanners and from view.

2667 Variant

Class Medium Stealth Fighter
Length 17 meters
Max Velocity 320 kps
Cruise Velocity 200 kps
Acceleration Poor
Max Afterburner Velocity ???
Max Y/P/R 4/4/4 deg/s
Guns Lasers (2)
Torpedo Hardpoints 2x1
Missile Hardpoints 2x1 DF
Missile Decoys N/A
Front Shield 4 cm
Rear Shield 4 cm
Front Armor 4 cm
Rear Armor 4 cm
Right/Left Armor 2.5 cm
Jump Capable No
Cloak Yes

2669 Variant

Class Stealth Fighter
Length 30 meters
Mass 16 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 480 kps
Acceleration 250 k/s^2
Max Afterburner Velocity 1200 kps
Max Y/P/R 70/80/70 deg/s
Guns Meson Guns (2)
Missile Hardpoints 1x5 (5FF)
Missile Decoys 6
Front Shield 60 cm
Rear Shield 60 cm
Front Armor 40 cm
Rear Armor 40 cm
Right/Left Armor 20 cm
Jump Capable No

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