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Bonadventure# 1139 

Name Bonadventure
Class Escort Carrier - (ex. Bonadventure)
Note False Colors independent Escort Carrier
Lost 2671.019
Faction Privateer
About Bonadventure was a Privateer ship belonging to The Guild. Originally a bulk ore carrier, Bonadventure was bought by the Landreich goverment around 2661 and refitted as an escort carrier. Before work was completed, they decided that the ship would be no match for the Kilrathi forces, and abandoned the project.

The shipyard that Bonadventure was being refitted at belonged to a member of The Guild, and Zachary Banfeld paid to have the ship finished and outfitted with fighters.

Bonadventure was perfect for escorting convoys, and raiding outposts and transports. The ship had excellent sensors which were taken from a Kilrathi Cruiser, and the computer imaging software was Confederation made and obtained from the black market. The ship had one flight deck and could carry up to twenty fighters.

Bonadventure attempted a raid on the KIS Karga while the Landreich was still outfitting the vessel as part of project Goliath, and carried twenty Broadswords when it attacked.

Have been previously damaged by Landreich forces, when Bonadventure faced Ukar dai Ragark's forced, the ship took further damage and could only make minimal thrust. Captain Gedi Tanaka attempted to ram Bonadventure in to the nearest Kilrathi carrier, the KIS Klarran, but Bonadventure broke up before the collision. The debris continued on, causing heavy damage to the Kilrathi carrier.

This action allowed Highwayman to escape the Ragark's forces.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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