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Ghradhark nar Volles# 7 

Name Ghradhark nar Volles
Faction Kilrathi Empire
Race Kilrathi
Died 2671.024
About Ghradhark nar Volles was Captain of the KIS Hravik.

He was left the senior officer of the Kilrathi task force in Hell Hole consisting of the KIS Hravik, the KIS Klarran and their battle groups. The Klarran was rammed by the Bonadventure and Admiral Julgar nar Ta'hal was presumed dead.

The FRLS Independence battle group, joined by the FRLS Arbroath then headed for the task force's position. The task force had orders to track and destroy Zachary Banfeld's Highwayman. But with Klarran crippled and Ukar dai Ragark having ordered to stay out of major engagements, he decided to pull back to friendly territory rather than face further losses. The Highwayman got away.

He was stabbed in the back and killed by one of Ukar dai Ragark's bodyguards for "interpreting orders without winning a victory."

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