Your WC dream ship?

I would have a dark fuel drive, paint ball guns to obscure the enemies cockpit, seeker missiles, that big ass shroud (big sheet with stars on it to hide me), and every other thing that guy came up with, from that game only LOAF had heard of.

Good ol' George would approve of that I bet!!!!


Bearded Person
Let's see:

attractor missiles
glow missiles
glue missiles (for jamming turrets)
paint guns and/or missiles
Unfurlable screens
IFF masking missile

Honorable mentions include:

George Washington
Space fish
Space lawnmowers
Pie (which is bad)
"Something vs. nothing" threads


Cry some more!
Yeah, Joshua was great. We want joshua back. Wait a minute, we don't!!!
Even funnier than his lame-ass ideas were his arguments in defending them. I still don't know if he was the ultimate WC joker or utterly insane.


Destroyer of assclowns
"Every military leader from George Washington to Admiral Bainbridge would kick your ass for that dismal performance today." - part of a WC Saga 'mission failed' debreifing :cool:


Bearded Person
I don't miss Joshua. I was kinda relieved when his ass-hattery was put to an end. It was fun for the few days it lasted, but it was getting old (even George Washington had to agree on that). So, he has now gone the way of the space buffalo.