Your WC dream ship?


Sigh.....a lot of Wing Commander games, and a lot of darn ships. I fondly remember flying the heavy Raptor in the original WC. I loved that ship. By the time WC 2 rolled around, it was the Epee, and in WC 3 the Excalibur was THE ship. My all-time favorite ship was from Wing Commander 4....the Dragon. Wasn't it great to have unlimited afterburner energy and a cloaking device? You were practically unstoppable. The Panther and Vampire ships were awesome from Prophecy, and for torpedo runs, the Devestator was just that....devestating. There was also the plethora of craft from Privateer 1 and 2, and all the ships from Academy and Armada. Well, what about it? What was your personal favorite ship?

Douglas :cool:


All-time favorite: Centurion loaded with 4 tach cannons, 2 missile launchers armed with IR missiles, shield upgrade 5, power plant upgrade 5 (gotta love that Righteous Fire equipment).


Fav WC ships:

(most fav first)

Centurion SE (6 Steltek type II guns/level 7 shields/level 7 engines/IR missiles/tractor {HCl's Steltek Endurance} P1/RF)
Vampire (WCP)
Vampire (WCP/SO)
Panther (WCP/SO)
Black Lance Dragon (gotta love that matter/anti-matter reactor and those cannons!)
Thunderbolt (slow, but extremely well armed)
Excalibur (cloak equipped/WCIII)
Hellcat V (WCIV excellent general purpose fighter)


Rear Admiral

Plain and simple, good old, Raptor.

Nothing could kick as hard as she could (on the relative side any way)

and the Sabre on a not so close second


Cry some more!
I liekd t3h l33t0r h4x00r3d Midway dud3!!!111!!!
Ehehehe, seriously, and avoiding the superfighters
thud (the excal is so good it's not competing for the ranking)


Rear Admiral
Centurion was my all time favorite, but I also liked the galaxy class freighter. Otherwise the Dragon and Crossbow


I'm torn.

On the one hand, the Banshee is pure style. On the other hand, the Galaxy could be pimped out (and actually has room for zero G sexification adventures).

On the gripping hand, I'd probably be lucky to afford a Tarsus.


I haven't seen it mentioned but I kinda liked the Devil Ray best in the Prophecy simulator. There's just something about punching full-throttle and being able to flip around 180 degrees to blast enemies behind you before your previous direction's momentum catches up to your new direction. Sweet! :cool:

After that, call me crazy, I have to go with the Broadsword. Coming head-on at me? Uh-uh! Turn 45-50 degress left or right, and blast away with limitless (or is that nearly limitless) energy neutron turrets! On my 6? Too bad, for You! Turn Pie Plate Dralthi's into porcelin shards before you penetrate my shields. There's just something about firepower at every view point F1-F4!


Good point, Ultimater. The Broadsword's heavy shields and armor, along with its having turrets on all sides, means that you can slug through just about anything. The only real threat to it is when a Strakha or Drakhri uses its longer-range guns to shoot you while staying out of range of your turrets--anything else is fodder for the Broadsword's cannons.

My personal favorite for non-torpedo missions would be the Excalibur--its guns just blow anything away, and the maneuverability is pretty good too. For torpedo missions, though, I will take the Thunderbolt if I can get away with just one torp--the Thud has guns almost as good as the Excalibur, and great maneuverability for a bomber.


1. Dragon (I love those fission cannons, the cloak, and the inf. 'burner fuel!)
2. Excalibur (Sleek, fast, deadly, and awesome all around)
3. Thunderbolt (Slow, but I like to think of it as the WC version of the A-10!)
4. Avenger (Even more deadly than the T'bolt. Mass drivers, stormfire cannons, leech cannons, tachyon cannons, and a sh!tload of missiles+torpedoes, along with rock solid shields+armor!)

Give me any one of those fighters, and I'd have Osama's head on a platter in no time!


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The Wasp is not a superfighter, it is just a specialist fighter... It is lame for CAP, Strikes or Space Superiority, but it kicks ass in interception...

The Rapier, Excal and Dragon are the best fighters in practically ALL roles. Even for cap ship killing, lots of people prefer the Excal to the Longbow...

I forgot to mention the Allmighty CENTURION. I guess she is my favourite ride because I worked hard to earn the money to buy it! And it was mine mine mine, as opposed to being the property of TCSF.

I cannot understand why some people like the Hellcat, it's got no up sides... Any mission it can perform in WC3, an Arrow or a Thud can do better...

It is not fast or agile enough, or plated and gun-powerfull enough... In relation to the Thud, it has the down sides of the arrow without having the good things and vice-versa.

I'd kill any pilot with the same skill as I, if he flown a Hellcat and I flew either the Arrow or the Thud. Lame indeed.