Wing Commander Novels

A couple of questions about the Wing Commander books

How many Wing Commander Novels were there, and what were there names?

I'm attempting to get a complete set, as when I first got hooked on wing commander, it was on Super NES and PC only...there was just about nothing else. then I forgot about it and there's all this new stuff. Anyway, onward...

Which Novels are the "Best" as far as explaining the Wing Commander Universe goes? I love hearing how technical things work.

Furthermore, I plan on getting all the novels, but how strong is the continuity between them? Am I going to be hoplessly lost if I start with number 16 and move to 4, 19, and 5 in that order?

Apologies if this has already been answered in an FAQ thread, or if this post is more suited to the "fiction" forum.

Also, as this is my first post, let me say hi. My name is Dustin Sanders from Indiana. I love Wing Commander...if I didn't, why would I be here? I hope to shed the n00b/newbie title as soon as possible through displays of applicable knowledge and appropriate, Hi guys. :)


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Welcome to the CIC!

In the order that the stories in the novels occur (you'll understand what that means once you read Action Stations) is as follows:

Action Stations
Freedom Flight
End Run
Fleet Action
Heart of the Tiger
False Colors
The Price of Freedom

They're all good, and the continuity has some odd spots, but isn't really all that bad. You *can* read them in just about any order, but it works best if you read them in order . . . 'cept, Action Stations is a bit of a 'backwards look' at a young Geoff Tolwyn. Enjoy!


Wow, an intelligent first post, thats a rarity these days ;). Anyway as for taking the books in order, the ones based on the games aren't that big of a deal to read in any order. The others though, revolving around Bear and company, you might enjoy more if you read sequentially. Here's a link that will give you the sequence and the titles you need to look for.

Enjoy the books and welcome aboard!

Edit: Overmortal beat me to the punch :)

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I didn't think my first post was unintelligent lol.

The only wing commander novel I didn't like was the only one not written by Forschten Freedom Flight, by Mercedes Lackey, which is odd considering that Lackey is considered one of the greats in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy Genre.

Oh and welcome to the CIC Sanders, and never ever be dumb, these guys can be merciless, just read some of the threads and you will know what I mean. (ie. particularly any that are started by Joshua)
I've noticed. I was hesitant to sign up at first...but then I saw someone post (might've been overmortal) about The Castle of the Winds series, one of the first Rogue-likes I ever played...and it was all downhill from there. As for my first post being a rarity, well...what can I say, I'm a bit of a rarity in myself. thanks for the warm welcome. :)


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Wasn't me that said that, Sanders. Sorry. I did mention the video game Castles II, which is probably just as good. That count? Have some pie.


I mentioned this somewhere else I think, but my favorite part of Freedom Flight was the intro with Hobbes and the priestess. However, I think that was available for free somewhere, so I ended up reading it, thinking the rest of the novel would expound on it, and then skipping it when I actually bought the book. :( Unfortunately, the rest of the novel gave Hobbes pretty much a bit part. It's practically as deceptive as the Venture corvette story that starts off End Run. :) At least it provided some more source material on the Firekkans...
yeah, Overmortal...Castle II: Lithransfir's Bane...those were an excellent series of games (for reference, the statement was in the WCP: SO Multiplayer thread)
I have them on Both computers and thanks to their small size, my buddy Jared is working on adapting them to run on PDA. I don't even know if it'll work, but if it's possible, Jared can find a way!


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All I really remember from Castles II was attacking the Pope, and watching those supremely awesome movie clips in b&w with no sound. That game, for its time, kicked!

I also loved building my own castle. That ruled.

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I never got into the design-your-own-castle bit. But I sure as hell whipped the popes ass.

(Castles II was an interesting blend of education and pope slaughter.)
oh wow, we are talking about different games than...nuts!

Anyway, Castles I and II (Lithransfir's Bane" and "Question of Vengeance," respectively) were great rogue like games from 1989. They're still available at random places online, and are highly addictive...the series is just a step above nethack, inasmuch that the Orcs look like Orcs, not "O."
As far as I know, it's so primitive it'll run in anything. I've run in on systems using Windo'h 3.1, 95, and 98, and my previously mentioned buddy Jared runs it on his MAC and on his Linux computer at if you can find it, try it out and if it doesn't work, the download is only (three-digit)K so it's no big loss. *shrug*


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I, of course, was referring to Castles II. The one where your objective is to woo the pope, but you usually end up killing his soldiers and taking his land.


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er? never heard about any of these games.

I've got FA, ER, FC and AS. They're nice, no big deal, not literature, but fun. They do expand upon the WC mythos, even if I do not agree with some stuff (I still believe that the dreadnaught being 22 km long is a typo that became fact). They're definitely worth the short time invested, though. I specially like ER and FA.

I've also read Delance's THotT and TPoF. Nice, too. No big news for one who played the games, although, again, I do not agree with some decisions. fighters have a different lauch procedure in both books and i realtion to the games. and blair behave differently. and the paths the authors chose for the story aren't the best, but... They also worth reading.

Never read FF, though. seems to be the most different one. will read some day.

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I still believe that the dreadnaught being 22 km long is a typo that became fact.
It's not, though. We've confirmed this six ways from sunday since it was last debated a hundred years ago.