Wing Commander miniatures game


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I don't think I have the spare brain bandwidth and the moment to help with the number analysis, but I can contribute something to the letters. :) Not trying to just nitpick here, but the thing has enough errors to be distracting.

"VokToth" isn't the fighter's name. It should be "Vaktoth" with an a and no capitalized middle letters. I'd have assumed it was just a typo, but I see your spelling was used consistently in several places, so it seemed like I should point that out. There's also some funky punctuation: the turret covers "its" rear, not "it's," and there should be no comma before "and mounts 2 Meson Guns" since that is inserting a break in a series of things where there should be none. The phrasing of "different ship to the pilot" is odd and would be better as something like "different ship than the pilot." There's also missing/extra spaces here and there.
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