Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier (Landreich campaign previews)

Red Baron

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Don't know about DAE, but .cob to anything shouldn't be that much of a problem, i converted every Saga model to .obj without issues (.pof to .cob, then .cob to .obj) and .obj to .dae doesn't require more than a few mouseclicks either. UV mapping might be a bigger issue, but that's doable too. Some 10% or so look like they'd use anyway.
What i haven't been able to do so far is convert stuff back to .pof without problems.

Kevin Caccamo

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Hey, guys.

I've been doing some more work on WCHF lately. First of all, the development version of the mod is now compatible with WCSaga final, and thanks to someone on the HLP forum, we got WC Saga running on standard FSO builds.

I'll be starting a short beta test soon. If you're a WC Canon expert and you'd like to play with this mod a little bit, post here or start a private conversation with me, and I'll invite one of you to the beta test.

Kevin Caccamo

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What? How? I was really sad that the newest builds not work with Saga...
MatthTheGeek's Wing Commander Saga Open mod.

On the other hand...
The deadline to apply for the short WCHF beta is October 22, so please apply before then!


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Where is this mod? I've been dieing for a mac build, and if it indeed runs on FSO i can finally compile my own! Wine unfortunately doesn't cut it due to lacking joystick support.