Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier (Landreich campaign previews)

Kevin Caccamo

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Hi guys!

I'm doing a landreich campaign for the Wing Commander Saga Prologue. It is still a WIP, but I thought I had enough content that I could finally begin showcasing it. :D

Here are some shots of the first mission:





Comments, feedback, and questions are welcome.


I like the Hornet model! This is an interesting idea to me... I can't wait to learn more about what you've got going.


Alex Von T.
Mr. Kat is a specific thing. there is no reason for the k in kats to be capitalized even if you don't accept that the word starts with a 'C'.


Mr. Kat is a specific thing. there is no reason for the k in kats to be capitalized even if you don't accept that the word starts with a 'C'.

But in that sense it would be the same as a nationality, which is capitalized,
i.e. Americans, Australians, Kats etc.


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I guess it has something to do with how broad the "group" is. Human includes every single person on earth, while Norwegian means I'm from a specific location with a specific culture ect. The same probably goes for the others too. Religion is any sort of faith while Christianity, Islam ect are very spesific "names".

At least, that's what I've always thought the reason was. :)


I suppose.
But if humans are a species (or genus), then there are other species as well.
Aside from that, if sentient alien life (ala Kilrathi) existed, would that change the grammar of it?

Bandit LOAF

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Just out of curiosity for the matter, I did a little search and found two news posts where LOAF made references to "Kats".

Great, two updates from a decade ago where I spelled something wrong. Good work, Professor Science, you've cracked the case. We all know the one high authority in terms of spelling, grammar and generally how to live your life is me when I was sixteen. I expect you all to begin lusting after the obnoxious girl from third period French immediately. Someday she'll notice you!

(Now check the reverse: there are over 1,300 updates where I spell it correctly and don't look like a moron. :))

As well I don't think we could ever forget Mr. Kat

Now, if we ignore for a moment that "Mr. Kat" is a proper name it must also be said that the entire point of his name (and introduction) is to let us know through the spelling, grammar, handwriting, etc. that Graham is a little kid. Do not go on to use him to cite why says should be spelled "sez" or fight as "fite." If you do then I will beat you with a shoe.

I'm a Norwegian... I'm also a human.

This is because Norweigian derives from a proper noun (Norway) while human doesn't. You're also a Terran and an Earthling, which are capitalized.