Wing Commander Games and Windows XP - A Summary

As a follow up to my previous posts, I have tried numerous setting combinations with VDMS and WC3, and have not found one that works better than what I have gotten previously to work well.

So here is my next issue, is it possible to get a joystick to work properly using VDMS? I'm using a Saitek joystick connected to my gameport, which I though would work properly without emulation, but no go. If I have VDMS use the default setting the cursor goes crazy even after calibrating, and that's because VDMS is emulating two joysticks :p!! Using the other option (a 4-axis joystick) generates an error message stating "Unable to initialize and configure emulation moduel 'JoystickController,'" an then it gives back more detailed information. If I choose the "Inputs Mapping..." option it asks me for a .map file, which I am not sure what file to use.

Any suggestions on the joystick issue?
For anyone else having trouble getting their joystick to work with WC1 KS (I saw at least one in this thread) click on game controlers in the control panel and then on advanced, change the prefared control method for old programes to your joystick.
Ravenous said:
For anyone else having trouble getting their joystick to work with WC1 KS (I saw at least one in this thread) click on game controlers in the control panel and then on advanced, change the prefared control method for old programes to your joystick.
It would appear that this option was already selected for me, but then again I'm running WC3, not KS.

Edit: Well, it seems that part of the problem I was having with my joystick was the fact that I needed to install the joystick patch. I am currently trying just the regular patch and now I need to figure out exactly which VDMS map works best with it (found out about using maps from research on the forums :p.) If that doesn't get me all my buttons, then I'll try the thrustmaster patch next. Wish me luck, he he.
I am using a USB joystick and must run VDMS with all joystik emulation turned off. However that maybe different for a gameport which does work in true DOS. (I know from experiance.)
I've just installed Privateer 2 again when I found it in the loft with some other old WC games. I used the Windows 95 patch that I found when I did a search on running the darkening through Windows XP. It worked fine for a little while but now when I launch from a planet (Bex in this instance), the game goes through the initialisation routine then I get an error message and have to ctrl alt del out of the app to get back to Windows and start again

Trouble is, I cannot read the error message, so I don't know what the problem actually is, so if anyone else has had this and can advise, please let me know

I have a joystick problem in WC3KS & WC4(with Win95 patch): in the menu the cursor
moves very fast and in flight mode the joystick is not functional. I have P4 2.4, 1G RAM, GeForce 5200, Win XP Home, Genius F16 Flightpad
WC3KS bugs?


Did the following ever happaned to any of you while playing wc3ks?

1. I was asked to change to CD 3 and ever since I have no sound in Cutscenes. ( I checked and I still have sound in the cutscenes in the 1st Cd...)

2. I'm having a lot of problems inside missions. Mostly the Autopilot light neverr goes on so I end up waiting for ages between NAV points.

IF any of this accured please help I did some searches in this forum, but didn't find anything about it.

tnx 4 your help
Help..about wc3

hi..i wanna play wc3 on my win xp pro..1st of all im a noob and dnt understand what you all r talking about for solving the problem for wc3 on all threads i came across..i need help step by step on how to install it,i did dl dosbox 0.63 but no knowledge on using help from u guys that have succesfully played it...pls e-mail me at : you in advance
WC3 doesn't run with dosbox. You need to use VDMS, and I'm sure you can read the documentation that comes with it to figures some if it out yourself. After that, let us know and I'm sure someone can offer more info.

Thx for the info...b back for further advice (once im confused :p )...

So wich vdms should i install? VDMSound2[1].1.0.exe or VDMSound-2.0.4-WinNT-i386.msi...thx 4 the help
That depends entirely if you're running Windows NT, Win 2000, or something else. If you're running XP, then you'd want the regular .exe file (being the firs one you listed.
Mentis and anyone else who needs help with VDMS just let me know. butid probably be better to email me at my yahoo site. i believe that it is view able. IS everything working well enough now mentis?
Ace, oh yea, I got it working as well as possible I believe. I actually am done with my WC binge for the moment. I played through all of them from 1 to Prophecy and the fanmade expansions by now. But I'm still looking forward to more Prophecy conetent that is not yet released.

VDMS worked quite well or me however. I was planning on posting a detailed guide to WC3 and VDMS, and I hope I can still find the time and motivation to doing it :D.
Actually this would be nice, if you could write such a posting. I've got problems running WC3 on two different PCs and it freezes everytime after a video. Neither my Kilrathi-Version works nor my DOS-version. I've installed VDMS, but there was no option in the properties of wc3.exe I could set for VDMS. I also used Abandon Loader, but this programm told me I should set "Files=25" in the config.sys of this programm. I made this, but nothing changed and it won't run.
All other WC-games I have (WC1-5, Mission-Disks from WC1 & 2, Privateer) running really fine and I've just finished WC2 this afternoon.