Wing Commander Games and Windows XP - A Summary

TonyG2 said:
OK I have just loaded WC Prophecy. In flight game is smooth and clean. The FMV movie sequences run as though on fast forward!!

Machine I'm using is a Windows XP Home pentium 4 400gig harddrive with 1064 meg DDR RAM and amd ATI radeon 256 Meg PCI Express.


So HOW do I slow down the FMVs exactly.

I had the same problem. After install the following files it worked very well:
wing commander experience

Well Im running a

AMD Anthlon XP 2600+
512 MB DDR ram 3200
GeForece FX 5600
onboard soundcard
Windows XP

My wing commander experience follows

WC1 KS Runs perfectly
WC2 KS Cutscenes run well but pretty much unplayble. The ingame space fighting is extremely slow and i can't figure out how to speed it up.

WC3 KS - Runs fine, I just played through the entire game and finished last night. Definatley have to alt tab out of the game and set priority to low. Game only locks up after 3-4 hours of playing but pc does not crash with it.

WC4- Runs great with the Win 95 patch. No problems reported.

WCP- Running in d3d mode works great. Download Flare patch from CIC

So does anyone know how to fix WC2 KS? Anyway i could speed up the game?
Thanks for any help.
During space flight sequnce press left ALT + M to increase the framerate or left ALT + N do decrease it. In both WC1 and WC2 it is set to 20 FPS, which works fine in the WC1 but for WC2 you may want to increase it to 25 FPS.
Hope that helps.
Privateer 2 Deluze edition

OK I have a question.

I have windows XP home.

When I put in the privateer 2 deluxe Cd it auto runs fine but It tells me I dont have enough space on my hard drive lol. I have a 200 GB hard drive so I have more then enough space.

I tried doing it with VDMS and same story and dos box I dont understand the commands for it.

Please let me know. I don't want to use DOS Box so letme know how to fix this problem.

my e-mail is

Create the directory P2 should go to (usually c:\dark) prior to running the installer.
Lemme preface this by saying I know jack about computers. I only have one 'cause it's bright and shiny and fun. So please use dumb people language with me.

Okay, I've noticed the skipping FMV on Prophecy, and it's been said HCl's patch will fix this problem. Okay, great, but how do I use it? I got a .dll file, but what do I do with it? Any help would be great.
IIRC, the DLL needs to be used in combination with his high-resolution patch. (The 'non-high-res-patch' version is just the executable from high-res patch, which has presumably been modified to use the DLL.) All you need to do is get the high-resolution patch working - just follow the instructions, I don't recall it being too hard.
:confused: All riiiiight.... Sorry, I don't think I understand. Okay, bear with me. I couldn't find any instructions. Do me a big favor and take me through this thang step by step. What EXACTLY do I download, and step by step, what do I do with the files I download? Sigh... all this to just play a game. Damn me and my penchant for older games! Thanks.
Um... okay... :(

  1. Go to HCl's site:
  2. Download the second 'quick link' which should be labelled "WCP High-res patch (~730kb)"
  3. Extract the contents of the ZIP into your current WCP directory and follow the instructions in the readme.txt files. Specifically, copy the relevant TRE files from your WCP CDs into the patch sub-directory. Then run install.exe, select your graphics mode (D3D or Glide, probably just go with D3D), select your resolution (probably 1280x1024, failing that try 1024x768), and let the program do the rest.
  4. Try running the game to verify that the high-resolution patch is working.
  5. Download the sixth 'quick link', specifically, the one labelled "WCP Video Skip Patch: highres addon"
  6. Extract the DLL from the ZIP and copy into your WCP directory, overwriting the old one.
  7. Run WCP again, the videos should stop skipping now.
I hope that's specific enough for you.
Sorry for being such a dunce. When it comes to computers, I need things dumbed down for me a LOT. But, yes, that worked, thanks a lot, man. :D

Also, the FMVs are a lot smaller than I remember. Is that a result of the high-res patch, or did I screw up somewhere?
No, you must have done everything right. The original videos are 320x200 (if that), and they are usually magnified 2x for display because the game's resolution was originally 640x480. With the high-resolution patch, the movies remain the same resolution, and so take up less of the screen area.

I'm glad everything worked out then.
Hey folks I have a question....Finally got Priv 1 running under dos box with very few lockups. One thing though, i took a mission that involves looking for a pirate in 3 different systems and for some reason I can't complete it no matter how many of them I destroy. I've even traveled back to a system and scoured the systems again to try and get it off the mission list so i can move on to another. Is there a way to delete the mission from the "sav" file? I've run this misssion about 5 times now and can't seem to complete it... Something I'm doing wrong perhaps?
Thanks for help in advance..
You don't need top destroy all pirates, but just ONE special one (IIRC that one is always alone). Did you also look at all base nav-points?
Ok, I'm hoping someone can help me.
I'm a little lost with getting WC3 and WC4 to work on my laptop. It seems like there are so many patches out there, its hard to know where to start.

I have Win XP Home running with a 2.2Ghz Pentium 4, 512Mb RAM, 16x DVD/52x CD-ROM drive(I think) and 64Mb GeForce 4 graphics card. I'm not sure about my sound card. Is it possible to get Wing 3 and 4 running on my system, and if so, how do I go about doing it?

Can anyone help me, I really miss playing WC. :(
cff said:
You don't need top destroy all pirates, but just ONE special one (IIRC that one is always alone). Did you also look at all base nav-points?

Yes.I went to all nav points and even in the order of systems specified by the mission computer. Because i am in the troy system initially i have even jumped out of the troy system and back to keep the order but to no avail. I can't get rid of it! I would be willing to sacrifice the credits just to clear the board so to speak. Landing doesn't help either. It hangs around like a bad penny. i can't even get a nav point to come up in red either. I just want to get rid of it so I can make some money...Dunno what IIRC is by the way. It's been many moons since last palyred this awesome game..
I recently bought the kilrathi saga, but I am experiencing similar problems as above with the WC3. When the game starts, I come back to windows and set the game's priority to normal (I will try low), but event though I can play the game for a small time, it crashes very often. the game freezes but hopefully the machine is intact, so I can get back in play again. So want I wondered about is, I 've heard rumors about a nvidia driver version (I think the 40.72), which allows you to play the game correctly without any crash or anything else. Is it worth givin' a try. I mean did anybody tried this thing? If not I will try to dl from the site and try :)