Wing Commander 4 DVD in WindowsXP (w/ DirectShow)

You don't need the Win95 patch 'cause the DVD IS the Win95 version! Just use gulikoza's patch for the videos.
The WC4 Win95 patch is ONLY for the DOS version of WC4 , Not for the DVD version
Unable to get the patch to work..

I'm having some trouble with the patch. I have WinDVD 4 installed, and I've made sure that the .ax files are registered, but still no video. As soon as I try to run the game, I get an error message stating "No combination of filters found to render the stream". I hit ok and I get the screen that gives you a choice to let Blair respond and when I do, I here the response and then get a window error that shuts the game down. I've tried the alternate mpeg and ac3 solutions on the web page, but still no luck. Any ideas on what I can do.


If you are having trouble...

You might check out the GSpot Codec Information appliance located here ( Its a nice little utility that can give you lots of useful info about codecs that are installed. It will also tell you what DirectShow is using to render your files.

I was having some issues with video not playing all the time, I used this to help me track down some rogue filters and uninstall them. PowerDVD's filters still suck, but that's ok, using the Open source codecs seems to work just fine for me.

Looks like the next version of GSpot will have a load of useful features too. I am in no way associated with this program, it just helped me out a lot.

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info...I'll give GSpot a try and see what happens.

Laserschwert: Regarding the sound I have already explained, the directshow graph is built during the first movie and than later only the source filter is replaced. Although this should make the filters reconnect correcty, it seems that your sound is broken afterwards. Rebuilding the whole graph would take a lot of time at least 3 or 4 seconds (maybe less on some really fast machine, with very few directshow filters installed, but still about 1s or more). This would be very noticable when movies are changed without choice (like jumps). As for the second problem...I really don't have a clue. I usually had it the otherway around (choices worked, after alt-tabbing they didn't anymore) :D

Menion: Please read about how to use the debug build, then attach the logs. This will show which filters are in use and why the graph isn't being built correctly.
Debug build

I checked the web page, but I did not see the debug build. How do I get that one?


I just got the DVD in the mail today, and tried to use it. Without the patch, in Windows 95 compatibility mode, and it actually works for me, except the joystick (MS Sidewinder) does not function, and every time it's time to show a movie file, it tells me the movie file is missing (and I check the vob file they tell me is missing, and it's actually in the DVD) :(

I've used your patched and downloaded your update, and the executable ALWAYS crashes for me whenever I run it.

What do I need to send to you? the mpeg DLL and what else? How do I generate those txt logs that everybody else is showing to you?

Should I acquire WINDVD?

Thanks!!! :)

EDIT: Got WinDVD, now everything works except for the joystick. Will try a few things.
*sigh*...there's a detailed explanation on how to use the debug build in this thread (post #31). I didn't post it on my webpage because there's usualy a lot of common problems so please try to at least read this thread before posting a new problem...

@Dervish: I also had joystick problems...try THE_WUQKED's fix. And dll only fixes movie playback so the missing file error is normal for unpatched version :D. Besides WinDVD there are also free filters posted on my page...
Thanks so much for this patch, guikoza :) It's like exploring a whole new game!

I missed WUQKED's post (I was so excited from getting WC4 DVD today I skimmed through these posts, and apparently missed some vital information), but I have tried doing CTRL J and ALT O. Neither work for me :( I'm not a technical expert, but I strongly feel this is a USB issue.

Anyone try using an older joystick that plugs in via the printer port?
Hm, the windows 95 version uses the standard Windows joystick, no matter if it's USB or not!
Sordid is right. Normally the Joystick should work for you if your Joystick works under Windows - no matter if USB or Gameport. Or do you have connected anotehr Joystick or Joypad? Cause maybe the game checks for it, if changing to Joystick control does not work for you.
Thank you for the tip, Wuqked :) Actually, my joystick is the only USB item I have plugged in. When I played other games in Windows 95 mode, like Wing Commander 3 or 4 (6 CD version), my joystick didn't work. It wasn't until I installed the joystick fix for those two games that I was able to use it. Still, I will tinker some more, and perhaps I'll get it to work today.

Just tried it on the 6 cd version and it worked smoothly, long time since i've played this game, thanks to you i will play it yet again ;)
Just tried it on the 6 cd version and it worked smoothly, long time since i've played this game, thanks to you i will play it yet again
??? As far as I knwo this directShow patch doesn't do anything for the CD version, but only for the Double Sided DVD version.
Exactly...the CD version won't even load the dll :D
But one of my friends pointed out an interesting could probably convert all the vob files to divx, my dll could be modified to load .avi files instead of .vob so you could theoretically make a 2 CD version :) (I guess each DVD side could fit on 1 CD). Although the legality of such process is rather questionable...
Although the legality of such process is rather questionable...
I'd guess: As long as you own the original and do that only for your own, it should be legal, but publishing it would be a no-no. - But not sure there...
Suppose you own the CD version? This would mean a substantial improvment in video quality and since the DVD version was never for sale...
Suppose you own the CD version?
No I meant: owning the DVD version would be required... But hey, don't know that much about legal/illegal stuff, so this are just guesses.
And yes, that would be quite a huge improvement in quality. :)