Where are the Nephilim from? [2]

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A friend of mine once told me the reason a person feels sleepy/peaceable and warm after eating a filling meal is because the blood rushes from your brain to your stomach and intestines, in order to help in the digestion of food. I'm not sure if that is right, so if you are sure, tell me.

It's a bit oversimplified, but in fact, what yer buddy told you is accurate... It is the body's *parasympathetic* nervous system kicking in, in response to ingestion of food. By contrast, a *sympathetic* nervous system response would be to, say, get you all hyped up when the klaxon sounds and you go out on a magnum launch to protect your carrier (The classic "fight or flight" response, as many call it...).
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...Someone steal your teddy bear? I was merely answering someone *elses's* question, you twit. Maybe you should slap them instead.:rolleyes:
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Hello Shane, haven't seen you and your long posts for a while. :)

I've been very busy in the "real" world. FInished a couple projects here at work, so I have a bit more time. My wife and I are thinking of moving back to Ohio, which would involve job searches. We live in Washington DC and the attacks have freaked her out a bit.

This always has been my favorite topic. Partly because it is realtively open-ended and it usually doesn't fall into the vs. trap. While I do network engineering now, my original degrees were in Anthropology with a minor in Classics, so mythology and the interpretation and basis of myth are something I studied for years. How are things Down Under? Quatro still around at all? I haven't really had a lot of time to look around.
well I figured it would of been something a little worse if you were blocking it out, "stupid" was just too obvious.
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