Where are the Nephilim from? [2]

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The "different galaxy altogether" one's gonna make fighting a sustained war quite hard isn't it? Considering the only gateway into Nephilim space we've got is the Proxima jump point.

*Goes into a corner and cries about the sorry state of Confed's chances. Then eats a filling lunch and feels better*
IIRC, all the systems where they can/are opening wormholes have been specified -- we know where we'll find 'em when they show up again.
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The Nephilim aren't the Mantu -- but current thinking is that they *are* the species mentioned in Action Stations, and thus are located towards the galactic core <G>

No the Steltek are in the G-core and i doubt they'd get along and the Steltek would surely trout the Nephilim
Plus given the Steltek’s general “retreat” from the galaxy and their specific reluctance in Privateer to neutralize the Drone themselves, they don’t seem particularly interested in waging any life-or-death battles.
I thought that the Steltek aren´t in our galaxy (according the steltek guy in Priv), i don´t think that they live in the core.
Yes, I was wondering about that too. In the game, the Steltek simply state that they have “retreated” from the galaxy, which could mean almost anything including that they still reside in the galaxy but in only a small portion of it (at least compared to what their territory formerly was). The Playtesters’ Guide takes this general position. I don’t know if there’s another source that specifically claims they are located in or around the core.
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Plus given the Steltek’s general “retreat” from the galaxy and their specific reluctance in Privateer to neutralize the Drone themselves, they don’t seem particularly interested in waging any life-or-death battles.

No proof for this, but I've always liked the idea of the nephilim as some sort of experiment the Steltek did ages ago, gone horribly wrong. The Steltek created them, perhaos as a police or military force, but they got out of control. The Steltek could not bring themselves to destroy what they created, so they "banished" them. Somehow the destruction of Kilrah allowed them back. I would like to say that the Kilrathi somehow witnessed and were involved in this, which is where the prophecy of Sivar stuff came from.

The problems with this are many. The known dates for the Steletk still being in this part of space don't fit the dates associated with the prophecy. There are other events in space that put out much more energy, so why wait so long. And a laundry list of others.
It's funny, a good deal of people (including me) want that there is a connection between the Nephilim or another known alien form from WC (besides the Kilrathi), mostly the Mantu and the Steltek are mentioned. Guess that's because we have so scarce information about them, yet they appear to be powerful.
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Mmm.. high blood pressure or no, I ALWAYS feel better after chow. Nothing like chow to make me feel warm, peaceable and that all is right with the world.

A friend of mine once told me the reason a person feels sleepy/peaceable and warm after eating a filling meal is because the blood rushes from your brain to your stomach and intestines, in order to help in the digestion of food. I'm not sure if that is right, so if you are sure, tell me.

A fun fact: Beethoven/ Mozart would , when playing for private audiences, allow them to eat a very filling and warm meal while playing some lighter symphonies( he sorta played them till they were almost asleep). Then, right when his audience was about to fall asleep, he would very suddenly play a very upbeat and loud song, thus jolting his audience awake, surprising them. Many people enjoyed his music because of this. I don't know if that's correct or not, 'cause I heard it from somebody a long time ago.
Yes you are right, the blood goes to the stomach and is the cause of thr warm and sleepingness
The sivar Prophecy came from the Kats "star Gods" these "star Gods" where looking for a opponet for a galatic war or match Ill read the thing again so i can clear it up. But the Sletek didnt make the nephilm. Besides if they did the kats wouldnt even know it because when the "star gods" came they didnt have flying capabilties so how could they witness the Steltek making the nephilim.
The Kilrathi interpretted events as they saw them, perhaps not as they happened. If space ships landed on Earth several thousand years ago with the kind of weapons we see in th WC universe, I could see people thinking they were some kind of gods, even though they weren't As I said, there is nothing anywhere that supports the idea of the Steltek creating the bugs, in fact if anything there seem to be evidence to the contrary, the fact that the artifacts so far discovered seem to indicate the left this region of space well before the "Star Gods."

The myth around the Star Gods is that the Kilrathi assembled a force to fight them, but the Star Gods scorned the force and left, promising to return when the Kilrathi became worthy. How this scorning was done, is not explained. Did they wipe out the force with an orbital bombardment, or some other attack that didn't fit into Kilrathi combat? I can't imagine someone just telling the Kilrathi they were unworthy and then leave and the Kilrathi believe them. The Kilrathi would interpret the events as they cowed these so called "gods" But I'm getting off point.

The "Star Gods" left and did it such a way that the Kilrathi still saw them as gods. Now assuming the "Star Gods" are the Nephillim (I recall eons ago when I used to be here more, LOAF mentioning a reference that did explicitily state this), why leave? Nothing that Confed's discovered in this area of space would have been a threat to them, they could have had a nice empire with human, kilrathi and other species as their slaves, food source, whatever. Something made them leave. Maybe they truly were looking for a challenge, but I have a tough time believing that. Something made them leave and the only species in the neighborhood we know of who could have done that were the Steltek. Yes there could be another species. And even if was the Steltek that "banished" them, it doesn't mean they created them. I've got some kind of Frankenstein fixation, I guess. As for telling the Kilrathi they weren't worthy, why not? Why tell them that there was an even bigger kid on the playground. It could very well have been a way to save face.

As I've said before, I have no firm evidence to prove this theory, but it isn't hard to make it fit the facts. Does that make it the right answer? No. A lot of people can come up with a theory to explain an event, a natural phenomenon, etc, and there theory seems to fit the facts, but it doesn't mean it is right. We'll have to wait to see what the next WC game says. Hopefully one of these days we'll get an answer. And as I've always said, it's fun to throw these ideas out.
Why leave i dunno because the kats told everyone exactly how it happend. Kats said these guys left so that just means they plain left. my next post will have this star Gods info everyones waiting for.
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