When was it when ConFleet's size was greatest, and when it was most powerful?

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Yup - Confed didn't lose capital ships in Prophecy because the capital ships weren't around to defend the border. There was a huge loss of life in the Border Worlds - but it was because Confed didn't have ships there in the first place, not because they were destroyed.


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psych said:
Here's something I like to add. After WCP, most of the Confed Fleet were on readiness all over the "front" as one can all it. Afterall, WCP did take place in Kilrathi territory. What got most of the Fleet losses in SO was that the aliens didn't attack on the Kilrathi territory and the location of the wormhole, they attacked the INNER COLONIES. Where most of the Confed Fleet was out on the front blockading the quarantine no-fly zone all over the front, leaving the inner colonies thinly defended. No one would have expected the aliens to attack this close to Earth. Cause of this, they paid for it.

And THAT'S why I specified the WCSO fleet over the WCP one. Even though they've left the inner systems undefended, they had a fully alert fleet.

Let's put it this way, if you consider two equally skilled and armed swordsmen, which one is more powerfull, the one who's awkae or the one who's asleep?


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My issue with your argument was not your state of readiness. It isn't, it wasn't, it never was. My issue was the fact that you said that the WCP didn't have the same technology as SO. I'll go back and dig up your original post.

Edfilho said:
I Think confed was more powerfull (not largest) in the WCPSO age, when they had both great tech and were in a state of readiness (unlike WCP).

But you said that WCP fleet didn't have great tech, like the Plunkett cruisers, the Cerberus, and the Murphys, just because they weren't in SO. Reason why I had put "great tech" in why WCP was different from SO (which I agreed with the latter quote about "state of readiness"), was your "both" modifier. You did it, you included "great tech" as why the SO fleet was unlike WCP, you did it wrong, and you can't deny it no mattter how many future posts you will post about "state of readiness".

Even after this, you stick to your argument that the Cerberus was a big factor of the WCPSO fleet being more powerful. It was only two ships of this class for god's sake, yet you want to make an issue out of it.

Edfilho said:
The Cerberus is no diference?

And I must say that after you had finished the issue, as evidenced by

Edfilho said:
Let's just say that the WCP ERA fleet is the most powerful.

you just had to start this thread again 3 days later after I had said something, until then, your argument was about the Cerberus.

Here it is in plain words. You got the "part A" of your argument wrong, but your "part B" was right, but you are trying to deny my accusation of your "part A" error by arguing "part B" more.


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I never stated that the tech was different in relation to WCP. I meant it was more advanced in relation to the KWar era. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I know the Cerberus shares its tech with several WCP ships, and that it has been in development, production and testing for a long time.

The only major difference I wanted to imply between WCP and WCSO is the readiness level.