When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?


When and How you heard or saw soemthing about WC for the first time?

It was WC I.
I remember that was in 1993, i bought a spanish computer magazine called *Micromania* they wrote a review of a space-sim game were you fly with wingmans from different nationalities (with excellent personalities) against some alien-cat race. and you had many ships to choose to fly, good music,FX and a really good story
It was the first PC game I ever owned. It came with my Creative external CD-Rom drive. That and many other games. I fell in love with it (1991)
I first saw Privateer in my brother's room, after he'd just gotten done beating it. My family has always been really into computers, so I made him load it up for me and gave it a shot. After that, I just kinda fell into all the other ones as they came out/around to the stores in the area. (That's one thing you gotta love, old video games popping out of nowhere!)
Back in early 1991 I was very into World War II 'sims and was eagerly awaiting the release of Dynamix's Aces of the Pacific. I remember loving the trio of Larry Holland 'sims (Battlehawks 1942, Battle of Britain and (later on) SWotL) and being very excited that my favorite company (Sierra!) was publishing what looked to be the penultimate WW2 game. (Heh, lets face it -- late 80s/early 90s Sierra *rocked*. What the hell happened?).

Anyhow, for my birthday that year my parents had promised to buy me 'Aces whenever it eventually came out... as history will show you, however, it wasn't released until 1992. It was my dad who first brought Wing Commander to my attention -- offering to buy it instead, as we were moving to France before Aces would be released. I refused, horrified that anyone could suggest something like that. (My dad had read about Wing Commander in Jerry Pournell's Byte column -- Pournelle loved the game and had heartily endorsed it it).

I played Wing Commander for the first time when I was in France... one of my dads friends son had a pirated copy, and after spending about an hour randomly guessing the copy protection numbers I got in (I was always very, very good at randomly guessing copy protections of that ilk -- especially with the Warcraft installer... I had a reputation for being able to guess the randomly selected word in six or seven tries).

Played WC once, fell in love, didn't get another chance until I got back to the US in 1992. My best friend at the time had a copy, and I somehow traded it off of him (I seem to recall that he was heavily into Star Wars -- I probably gave him an action figure for it or somesuch).

Ahh, Wing Commander 1... that amazing box art, those incredible blueprints... the coolest manual in the history of gaming. I remember going to some fancy brunch with my extended family and sitting there copying stats out of Claw Marks while avoiding syrup. I *loved* Wing 1. I sketched the ship diagrams, I debated whether it was 'Khriss' or 'Hhriss'... you know, the normal kind of thing kids do. I learned all the characters and nuances and what-not. (Interestingly, I never took much care in learning the keys -- I played through all of WC1 and into part of SM1 without ever knowing about afterburners... this is not to brag about my skill, though, as I have absolutely no idea how I got so far and could probably never do so again. Ah, to have time again...). Etc. And all on a 286/12 (my very first *personal* computer)!
T'was Fall of 1991, and I was in my first semester of my senior year in undergrad school (yes, I know I'm rather showing my age there). Anyway, I went to meet up with one of my study group buddies upstairs in the dorm, and when I get there, he's playing this really cool looking game. Turns out to be WCI. Needless to say, we got very little studying done that evening, as we tore through the game. He had just started it (I think he had just finished up the Enyo series), and we went through the entire game that night, taking turns on missions.

Next spring, when I got my first computer (386/25 with 2Mb RAM), WCI was the first game I bought. WCII wasn't too far behind, and the rest, as they say, is history.

First heard about it 91. First played it (on the amiga) 93 or 94ish. Later that year got a PC and started buying all of them :)
I friend of mine bought Privateer 2 (1995/96, maybe) not very long after it was released. I kinda liked the game and stuff. Before that, I had played (and enjoyed) the Crusader-games, which made me develop a certain confidence in OSI. Then the same friend pointed out the incredibly long and cool-ish URL of www.wingcommanderprophecy.com and I thought 'Neat!'. :eek: (Well, I was young and dumb.) Then (1997) I visited my granny in a place where you can find really cool (read: old and nostalgia-inducing) stuff (like Wing Commander 1 as late as 1998/99). I looked through the dump's only store selling games, I was actually browsing for audio-CDs at the time, and I stumbled across the official soundtrack for Wing Commander Prophecy. For some reason I liked it, bought it, bought the game when it shipped, YADDA. Then another friend said I should try WC3/4, which I did. Then I just had to get hold of WC1/2 and Privateer. And now I have those games.
Back in 1995 my dad got a computer to replace the old 80086 (or some such old computer dating from the mid '80s). It came with a couple of games, but I decided to expand the repertoire. I went into the store expecting to buy Dark Forces, but I noticed the WC3 box. To be honest I don't remember why I picked WC3 over Dark Forces, but I'm glad I did. Never did get into first person shooters. Anyways after dad figured out how to free up enough memory for the game I started playing. Awww man WC3 rocked :D Couldn't stop playing it. But perhaps the biggest in-game feature that caught me hook, line and sinker was the amazingly funny Kilrathi taunt: "Die you pathetic descendant of monkeys! :mad: " I seriously could've laughed myself to death.

From then on it only got better :cool:
I read a review for WC1 (Dragon magazine, I think), spotted it a little while later in the local software store, and that was that.
I picked up the wing commander book, END RUN, not knowing what it was beyond the fact that my best friend had Wing Commander 2. He was constanly playing it and was always bringing the manual to class. That was back in the 6th grade. From there everything just blossumed and here I am dependent on the game. :D
Christmas 1991 was the time when my brother and I got WC1. I don't know why we got it (I think my brother had read about it) and we played it on an old XT and we just loved it from the first moment, even though the true greatness of everything about it (like the manual and blueprints) were just acknowledged by us about the time of WC2.

BTW LOAF: I too loved Battle of Britain and SWOTL. Never saw a flight sim again whre you could fly that much cool fighters.
Must've been around late '94 / early '95. I was browsing through a mail-order games catalogue and came across WC3. There were a few games I considered buying but in the end I was swayed by the fact Mark Hamill was in it. I think the day I saw a trailer of WC4 on a coverdisk was possibly one of the most awesome moments of my life - making regular trips to the local games store to see if they had it in yet. Big cardboard cutout of Hamill and McDowell in the window :) Never felt that much anticipation over a game's release before or since.
Yes, an excuse to finally post something!

September 1997. I was up in Michigan visiting relatives and was bored, so my aunt took me to the local video store to rent a game. I wanted Mortal Kombat 3, as I was a big MK fan at the time (ah, hell, who am I kidding, I'm still a big MK fan and can't wait for Deadly Alliance in the fall, but anyway...), but the game was already checked out. So I looked to see what else I could get. I saw WC4, and there was Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill staring at me from the box. Being a big SW fan, as well, I immediately scooped the game up. I knew a little bit about WC, but nothing substantial, so everything was new and foreign to me. And although that first run through I didn't even get past the fourth mission (I kept blowing up the space stations I was supposed to take pictures of :eek: ), I was hooked. The following year (January 1998, I do believe), I rented WC3, then later in the same year, bought the WC3/4 novelizations and Fleet Action. By the time the movie came out, I was hooked. And although I haven't played/watched WC in ages, I'll still be a fan 'til the day I die (or at least that's what I like to say...).

It was '95 and I walked into Software Etc. at the local mall. They had a 3DO set up with Wing Commander III running on it. The store guys were playing and, God bless their kind hearts, allowed curious customers to give it a go (good way to sell stuff).

I was hooked when I first saw one of the cashiers playing. The thing that sold me were the vid transmissions! Hearing (and seeing) combatants yelling taunts and orders in the heat of battle was the best thing I ever saw at the time. I found it incredible.

When I was given my go, I played the first mission (which led to my love affair with the Hellcat V) with nothing but the reaper cannon. Heh heh, didn't have an inkling to the button combos/controls. Before I got my 3DO for Christmas, I bought WC1 for my SNES to tithe me over. Ever since, I started turning to my PC and bought ever ol' WC game I could :D

Imagine- prior to seeing WC3, after seeing loads of advertisements for WC1, I thought that WC was some corny Star Wars knock-off.
It was the early 90's. My dad brought home a 3 disks that said Wing Commander (pirated), a strange book called Claw Marks, and a CH joystick. We loaded it but alas, it didn't work. I kept the Claw Marks and read every bit of it, I thought it was awesome. A few years later I saw an EA Classics cd-rom at a store that said, Wing Commander Armada. I thought, "Cool, Wing Commander, I've heard of that" So I bought it and played it over and over and over. Now I'm obsessed with WC :)
My first WC experience was when I was browsing Wal-Mart one evening, in the PC game section, where I came across a box with a strange looking fighter on the front, on it said "Wing Commander: Prophecy". And not to mention a little sticker which said "The Series That Inspired the Movie!" or something like that. Well, needless to say, I got it, played, and was hooked on WC from then on :)
My friend had somehow obtained Wing Commander a little while after it was released and we used to spend hours in his basement trading off after each mission, the first WC I had was WC2 which I recieved for Christmas, and it became an obssesion every since...
Back in 1992, my uncle was looking from some games for his new 386 computer he just bought. Amoung the collection of CDs, he brought home a copy of the Ultima 6/ Wing Commander Deluxe CD. Being bored one day, my brother and I took turns playimg it. Needless to say, I don't remember what the other CDs were, but WC blew me away. In 1994, when I first bought my own PC (a 486 at the time), the first CD I bought was the EA Top Ten Pack, because it had WC2 on it. A few months later, the aniticipation for WC3's release was the most I have had for anything, movie, game, or otherwise.