When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?

I assure you that it does work. Try, for instance, pressing "~" then "a" with the configurations I wrote below.

Anyway, it´s just a curiosity for you, since you don´t have much use for those signals.
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Mmmhhh..yeah, using two fingers is a lot of thinking.
Gladly you can shoot with one.

Actually I shoot with one finger and one thumb.:D
I have an old beat to hell Thrustmaster. How do you use three fingers to shoot with it? Index, guns, thumb, missiles, ???
Really? That would be useful. I'm fairly sure you can set it for differant things in most of the games. I'll try changing it
I have a Blackhawk and my default settings came as the following:

Trigger - fire energy weapons
Middle finger - missles (It took awhile but it makes for much more controlled missle usage during Nightmare dogfights)
hat - change views
top thumb button - switch targets
bottom thumb button - "option button" (I can click it and use the trigger to fire missles or click it twice for afterburners - definitely got to change this one)
base roller - throttle
base button - afterburners

LIke someone said earlier I have to configure the buittons (supposedly there is a config for Prophecy!!!) but I can't do that until gravis releases a version of the Blackhawk installation software that doesn't lock up my XP running machine(same with my trackball :( )!