What exactly happened to Blair under Neph care..

That is what I meant by tragedy

Maybe most of them refuse to do anything else, sure there are some, perhaps many who would lead more productive lives knowing they could or learning how.

Things like that take time, especially with the younger generation, call it "Y", often there are some kids content to sit in class and are content being in a thoughtless stupor.

Indeed these are transitional times. Hopefully one day we will greatly reduce the desire to kill each and finding new ways of doing so.

It troubles me that governments still manufacture bioweapons that can easily come back and spread to all corners of the Earth, like the Small Pox weapons, man if that is ever used...
Death's Head: I can't stand those little losers
. They all deserve what they'll get - cushy jobs as rubbish cleaners

As for desire to kill... Perhaps if somebody came and dropped a T-Bomb on our homeworld... Yeah. That might help
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Just like the ending in Fallout 2.
"Once again you prove that genocide is an effective solution to any problem."
Something like that
I loved the damage model in Fallout BTW, always used a rifle and aimed for the head/eyes. Hehehe ...

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