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hi, im running winxp. trying to play wcp again. the videos skip through fast sometimes. other times they skip to a point where it goes at normal speed but then still the audio/video is out of sync.

someone suggested lowering sound acceleration in directx settings, i did that i tried all levels actually, no go. also tried tinkering with the ddraw and d3d accelaration there too, with different settings of sound accel, no go on any combinationo of the two...

any ideas?

There is a different sound acceleration setting you need to change for that. The one in Dxdiag had no effect (for me anyways). You can also leave the acceleration setting for your video card alone.
This is the one you need to adjust:
go to control panel
then open sounds & multimedia
then go to audio-> sound playback -> advanced -> performance
and set hardware acceleration there all the way to the left

Also, did you try the config file in my previous post?
your cfg file came in handy, modified by me of course eheh. you see i have never actually played Prophecy right through, i bought the gold version but disc number came damaged or something, data wouldnt read properly so it wouldnt install proper.

so i salvaged the data from the disk and imaged it to my hard drive. then i ran the setup from the hard drive but it says insert cd, so i created a setup.cfg file pointed cd to = where i had the image of the first cd on my drive, modified the shortcut, setup on my desktop @setup.cfg...voila the game installed properly reading from the hard drive.

just reads themovies from the disc now. how do you know how to do all that config jazz anyhow.

anyway i changed my compatibility thing in shortcut to run win98 the game wouldnt even launch using it on xp alone heh. then i set the diaxg sound accel all the way to left and it works. the video gets out of sync with sound after about 2 hours but its good, just restart the cpu.

also the sound almost comes faster than video now...because the video freezes or stutters pretty often...not too bad to make it unenjoyable but it causes the video part to slow down.
gotta be something to do with how its reading from my cd rom.
I used that one guy's solution for WCP in win2k and it worked. However, I can't get Special Ops to work at all, in any mode. Has anyone got it to work in Win2k? Don't suggest XP because I am never going to buy it, pirate it, or even use it as a coaster.
i had problems with the sound here is a almosy guranteed fix..

goto the start menu in windows
upen sound properties and slide the hardware accelaration down to none.

save the setting run WCP and enjoy perfect cinamatics
What's left for me to do?

Hi, all,

I'm a longtime WC fan and WCP owner. After a recent computer "upgrade" (hah!), I began experiencing the video skips others have mentioned. I haven't yet had the crashes; in-flight play and navigating the screens in the Midway have run just fine, the way they did on my old machine. But the video skips horribly, going about 3 times too fast. It's not just running fast; it is running normal speed, but skipping about 2 frames in three on average.

And yes, I've already tried everything mentioned in this thread. EVERYthing. System is: Win98SE with Duron 1.1 Ghz and 512 Mb of RAM. Voodoo3 2000. Yes, I have the newest drivers, right from 3dfx's site. SBLive! Value. AFAIK I have the newest drivers. DirectX 8.1. Yes, I turned hardware accel. to nil. Still skips. Yes, I turned SB's hardware accel to nil and sample conversion to Best. All at once. Still skips. The old system was AMD K6-2 400Mhz, 160 Mb RAM, same video and sound, also Win98SE, and it ran like a dream.

I sent a techsupp request to EA but of course blue banjo-playing monkeys will start flying around the moon before EA ever deigns to assist anyone with a game they're not milking cash out of any more.

I even tried several different install levels. I thought I might have a corrupt movies.tre, but I can't figure out how. I don't think it's that.

Is there anything I can do, or am I pretty much dead in the water?

Please reply in this thread or by email at kasreyn@bloomington.in.us. Is there anything I can do?

Well Buddy as you can see ,there is no actual solution...... :(

I got the same problem.
What Im gonna do and see if it works is to make 2 Partitions again in my HD.One with Win98 (not SE!) and the other with XP.In the win98 partition Ill install directx6 ,not a higher version and in my Xp,direct 8.1.I think that prophexy will just run fine with the old directx in my win98 partition.
Originally posted by Unregistered
First, I want apologize for my bad english, i'am just a french-man, but a great fan of the Wing commander Series.

I have the same problems like you about video playback, and i think, i've found a solution. I have a SB-Live and most of the users of creative cards have the same prob about Video-playback, so under win-98, i have desactivated my sb, and in the bios of my motherboard i have actived the onbord chipsound, i'll restart win-98, installed the drivers of the onboard card and rerun WCP, and the video playback was perfect.
I'hope this little solution will work for most of the users who have the same prob, like me.
Have a good fun on Wing Commander Prophecy.

This is from one Unregistered French WCFan.Thanks for your help buddy ;)
Win 2k & Video Problems

Well, I installed a Win2k patch, but still had the known problems with video skipping. Turned off Sound Acceleration in dxdiag. ->> After this, the Videos freezed at the first frame. Then I started Prophecy and changed "Task Priority" of task "Prophecy.exe" from High to Normal - and now it works fine! Just try (I hope you understand my english).

System: Tualatin Celeron 1200 @ 1550 on Asus TuSL-2C, Leadtek Winfast My Vivo Ti4200 128MB, Soundblaster Live! 5.1, MS Windows 2000 Pro
Re: Win 2k & Video Problems

Originally posted by Strix
"Task Priority" of task "Prophecy.exe" from High to Normal - and now it works fine! Just try (I hope you understand my english).

Thank you very much for your info Strix :) We need every info we can get :cool:
WCP Video Solution

I finally got my copy of wing commander prophecy to work, I have an amd 1800+, Gforce 4, sb live value....

My solution was to remove the sb live, and use my onboard sound card from a KT3Ultra KT333 chipset motherboard, it solved all video issues, and the inflight game works fine. It would seem that the game just isn't compatable with the SB Live seires of cards, so hopefully you people out there who want to play this game again have some sort of option other than that. If anyone else finds a card that works, let us know please!
Hey guys,
I've just got WCP and guess what- am suffering the same probs as you guys with XP!
EA actually replied to my query, and said the same as you guys have! They also suggested running some slow-mo program to try and solve it.
I like the disk partition idea someone mentioned- how do you do that tho?
Also, someonelse said to use that config file, something about altering the shortcut to d:\prophecy\prophecy.exe @setup.cfg Problem is XP doesnt like the @setup.cfg Is this the right way to do this?
But thanks for the help tho, you guys have been the ONLY source of info on the net to help with this problem, and I can at least watch the videos with the acceleration to none- they are just extremely choppy!
Wing Commander Secrect Operations in XP

After =setting up my new computer with Windows XP I pulled out some games to see if tehy would work. Wing Commander Prophecy worked fine with little adjsutment as discribed in previous posts. Now Secret Operations always gives me troubles and I can not get it to load. I am convinced it is the video card / drivers. I have tried all settings in the install but can not get it to work. I have been succesful with Wing Commander Unknown Enemy, which uses files from Secret Operations. My old computer had a Voodoo card in it and the new one has a Nvidia GeForce 5200. Other then swapping the cards out does anyone have any suggestions?
RE: WingCommander Prophecy and XP issues.

Thanks for the information you guys. My WingCommander Prophecy game is now playing with no problems.
For a quick review; after I lowered the Video acceleration to basic, I right clicked the WingCommander shortcut, left clicked properties and in compatibility I choose Windows 98/Me.
tried but still no-go

i tried this, plus (heaven knows) many other things. is it possible i am not "doing" things correctly?

1. install WCP
2.decrease sound accelleration
3. win2k patch.
unzip into the prophecy directory, copy files from disk, run install file.
4.TRYING to set up prophecey.cfg file----the @prophecy.cfg fix for the shortcut doesn't seem to want to be accepted in WinXP

....then when i run prophecy, i get the intro screen (i.e. PROPHECY) then screen goes black.....and computer freezes.

do i need any of the other patches that have been posted here?
(eg high res patch,
not sure about (the idea) of how to modify the .exe file.

any ideas?

my system:
p-4 2.4G
G-force 4 Ti4400
512 Ram
(no 3dfx card---can reinstall if that might help)
WinXP home


Peter1x9 said:
Edit: I now have Prophecy running flawlessly in Win2k!!!!

I had originally installed the Prophecy Win2k patch. Go ahead and do that first.

First of all, the skipping video problem is solved by going to control panel -> sounds & multimedia -> audio-> sound playback -> advanced -> performance -> set hardware acceleration all the way to the left (none)

Now for the crashing to stop:

In your prophecy folder, create a file named "prophecy.cfg". Put these lines in that file:

installDirectory=d:\prophecy (wherever prophecy is located on your pc)
cdDirectory=E:\ (your cdrom drive letter)
rasterMajor=6 (for software mode)
useStreamer=0 (this turns off music and I believe this setting stopped my crashing)

Next, create a shortcut on your desktop to your prophecy.exe. Now, right-click on your shortcut and left-click properties. Go to the shortcut tab and in the target, put in this line:
D:\prophecy\prophecy.exe @prophecy.cfg
Change the directory and drive letter to match whatever set up you have. The @prophecy.cfg will tell the exe to use your config file.

I do not have the shortcut set to run prophecy in any compatibility mode. Also, hardware acceleration for my video card is on full and acceleration for the soundcard (the setting in dxdiag) is set to none.

This may work if you want to run the game in Direct3d, I'll check on this when I have more time. Thanks to this page for pointing me in the right direction: https://www.wcnews.com/webmirrors/tech/gamefaq/prophecy.html
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Task Priority

Task Priority? what is that, or should i ask where is that?

Strix said:
Well, I installed a Win2k patch, but still had the known problems with video skipping. Turned off Sound Acceleration in dxdiag. ->> After this, the Videos freezed at the first frame. Then I started Prophecy and changed "Task Priority" of task "Prophecy.exe" from High to Normal - and now it works fine! Just try (I hope you understand my english).

System: Tualatin Celeron 1200 @ 1550 on Asus TuSL-2C, Leadtek Winfast My Vivo Ti4200 128MB, Soundblaster Live! 5.1, MS Windows 2000 Pro

Ok, I've tried everything i can find on this problem and I'm still having issues. The video and sound run choppy for the video sequences. the combat sims run wonderfuly and the sound is just fine.

sound acell set to zero

SB Live sound card
WIN XP professional

where can i get a slowdown program?

Where can i get a program to slow down my system? I've tried all the things mentioned on this page to make the system work. the sound is choppy and out of sync and the video is choppy too though I'm not too sure why.

Here is an interesting note. the video scenes between missions are choppy and so is the sound. However, the inflight videos, and sound (like the stuff you get for an in cockpit scramble briefing) run wonderfuly.

so Am I missing something?
Nothing works


after buying a new computer (Celeron 2.2 GHz) I installed Win98 for older games and WinXP for the new ones. In Win98 WC3 and WC4 works perfectly, even in the DOS mode. But WC Prophecy has the same problem. Skipping videos. So in Win98 I set hardware acceleration to none and nothing happened. So I tried WinXP and the game froze. It seems to me that there is no solution, only to remove that damned SB Live. It would be nice if anyone in EA or Origin could take a look at this annoying problem. I bought a game which is unplayable.