WC Gratha under 500 Polies WIP

Michelle D

I have a total of 4 models, 5 if you count the interior I built.

The low poly model is made using the in game images, the older Grathas were done using a mixture of the claw-marks and bitmaps, the more detailed one was the first one based mostly on the Claw-marks.

Michelle D

Thank you :D

I was on this forum before but I forgot what I used as a username...

Fralthi, also under 500 Polygons
Mostly one solid unbroken mesh, engines and glass are merged seperated meshes.
Modled interior landing bay, like those in WC3 where you can fly inside.

The Gratha is a single solid unbroken mesh.



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that scene is absolutely beautiful, I would love to be able to make stuff like that! I definately wanna see more!

Michelle D

Thank you :D

more old/new Gratha images, videos I've put together

Attempting to make a cockpit in the old WC1&2 style using design ques from existing kilrathi Ship interiors

older interior modling, Assuming ship is as large as claw marks suggests.

from NC Gratha Video

recent render with asteroids

gevatter Lars

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Very good work IMO.
I espacial like the shot with the Fralthi in the background. Will you also do some higher detailed models and are you planing to do more WC1 ships?

Michelle D

yeah the Dralthi and the Ferret I will try and model.

The Gratha may get yet another model made of it.

I also have New Constantinople and the Fralthi, I lost the high poly models I made of the Fralthi. :(

trying to make room for all those fighters the fralthi is supposed to carry... this was before I just decided to scale the fralthi larger all together.

modified to be a carrier



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Michelle D really great work, detail level is highly professional. Don't suppose your co working with Pioneer project since they would make nice addition there?

Michelle D

So I composited the two images of the ships.

I used the Clawmarks for the Details, and used the in game bitmaps as the proportions.

Notice that the height of the ship has shrunk, because the bitmap is much shorter,
I did however use the thruster size from the Clawmarks drawing vs the thruster size in the bitmap, but the thrusters stick out further back more like the bitmap, unlike the Clawmarks where the engines were closer to the body.

oh and I mover the lazer blaster things inwards more because they were hitting the other rectangular gun pod, but it still lined up with the image.

I still have some areas that aren't quite finished, i will try to fix those soon.

Michelle D

If you want the low poly gratha here is the file


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Not textured.

486 Polygons
124 Triangles
362 Quads

two OBJ files

one triangulated the other a mixture of quads and triangles

848 Triangles on the triangulated version.


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I like the amount of planning and research you've done to support the modelling. Do you do this for a living, by any chance?

Michelle D

Thank you, and nope :) I wish I did it for a living though. I need a job :D

I try to make an accurate model as well as my own variations, because I understand how some fans can be very nit picky about accuracy. I think it takes a few variations to really discover whats what when transitioning from 2D to 3D. I also liked the challenge of the low poly models as I've seen some rather impressive ones and not so impressive ones, hopefully mine makes the cut.