The Official Screenshots Thread

Good thing I don't believe in anything, then. :)

Oh, about mods... FL seems to want to restart the whole singleplayer experience every time a (slightly) different combination of mods is used. Wazzup widdat?
Go into your My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\etc. until you get to a folder that says "OriginalSavedGames". Copy all the files and drag them to the folder above.
Roger that. *Shakes a stick at the silliest directory ever*

... Um... I... have a whole bunch of folders... somewhere around there... I feel crazy.
H-hey, no OriginalSaveGames! Only separate mod-save-directories... Well, I see which files are savegames, no worries.
Reckoning Gives You More

Play it again, Sam!


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And another!

And another! And another!


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Mystery muppet said:

Listen, that Confed Sabre in 1.06 looks a little funny. No intake/obvious exhaust, no cockpit. Is that about to change? *Nudge*

if I find some time... Wing Commander Saga is my first priority
What! ORIGIN Perry is evolving!

ORIGIN Perry evolved into .... FREELANCER Perry!

Rename FREELANCER Perry? (Perry)

(I'm sorry, it's late)

Modeling by Bob McDob, textures by lvxoccvlta.


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Heh. I don't think you get to rename Pokemon when they evolve though (Confed naval baces might be different :D ).
MOD looks very nice....

lot of work has been done, since i've looked at this MOD last time.... ;)

greetings to warzog :)
Updated Mod 4.5

Hey, I have been following your mod, it's great! Couple of questions.

When do you think you may have another update?

Is this the best place to find out when it is released?

Thanks, great to see it is still alive.