The Official Screenshots Thread

Bob McDob

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Here at The Reckoning: An Electronic Arts Origin Wing Commander Privateer Mod for Microsoft Digital Anvil's Freelancer, we take great pride in demonstrating our newfound independence by requisitioning large amounts of server space to display screenshots that pique the public interest. So, YA HYA CHOUHADA!!!!



Hi Im new to mods for Freelancer where do ALL of the files so I can play the recokoning.

Please help.

where does each file goes..


The textures are kind of ugly... Isn't there anything you guys can do about them? Get Eder to make some kick ass custom ones that can at LEAST rival Freelancer's. :(


Mr. Standoff
Wow, the guy whose work I envy just said my textures kick ass :D At any rate, I'm afraid I don't have enough time to texture so many ships... but I do agree that you guys should get one or two (maximum) artists to texture all the ships. Not only that'd give you better textures, it'd also give you *consistent* textures (IMHO, when all is said and done, consistency is more important than quality itself) so that the mod doesn't end up looking like someone just quickly put a lot of borrowed ships together (patchwork = not good... even if half of your textures are great, the whole mod will be ruined by the half which sucks).


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I'm not big on those fighter pics, but I'm very impressed with that asteroid shot and the picture of what I'm assuming is the WCM Concordia. :)

gevatter Lars

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Well seeing the pics I just can say...wait till we can improve the WC Saga models and load them into the FreeLancer engine.

That should give the game realy good looking models.