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Bob McDob posted some images that include the Centurion, and the Galaxy, from the original Privateer.
Any chance that I can get a copy of that MOD?
The ships for a MOD of my own?
(The Tarsus and Orion would be nice to have too!)

Also, I downloaded the "Privateer the Reckoning" mod, and while the ships are quite nice,
I love how the Thunderbolt handles!
(Only tried the Epee and Thunderbolt, so far.)
I'd like to use them in a mod with different variables.

BTW-I wrote the Equalizer mod over on Lancer's Reactor, and the soon-to-be-released (after holidays?)
Equalizer Mk II mod.
I think that all of these ships would be great in a Privateer version of my The Equalizer Mk II mod.
The main features of which are, the player's Dagger is in the cinematics, Every Ship (player & npc) is class 6, armable to class 10, Purchasing is not based on rank, and you can wander freely at level 2.
(Both mod's are under 100kb.)


Vice Admiral
The Centurion and Galaxy will be in the next release. Btw, since you have experience in modding FL, would you perhaps like to lend a hand?

Regards Tolwyn


Sounds cool...
I'm already plugin' those ships into my mod...
Juni gives Trent a Hellcat!
Gotta get the loudouts reworked.
BTW-I did a Tutorial on the Lancer's Reactor site that shows how to put the ships into the cinematics.

I got into MODing in an attempt to have an updated version of Privateer.
(I've still got/play both versions, but I doubt my next computer will handle them.)
I also have WC3/4/Prophecy/Secret Ops.


Hello, again!
I plugged all of the ships in, and they work great!
Need to change prices and locations of the ships, again.

A couple of things:
1) The Epee doesn't have mines even though it has a hard point.
2) Using the HpCM01 hardpoint for the Cloak works!
(I ran a few tests using the Freeport 7 scene.)
3) Using a regular weapon's hardpoint for torpedoes also works.

I put together a small package...
It's 79kb without the ship files, or 1.5mb with them.

In it, Trent gets a Dagger (to be changed later to a Centurion?)
It launches to join up with King in his Hellcat...
The Donau comes in, escorted by 2 Vindicator's...
A squadron of Order Thunderbolt's comes in and destroys the Donau.

The Hellcat replaces the Patriot, Banshee, Cavalier, and the Drake.
The Vindicator replaces the Defender, Valkyrie, Crusader, and Dragon.
(The Blood Dragon's still have their Dragon's.)
The Crossbow (available on Pittsburg) replaces the Titan.
(Hit cruise in it, and the sun comes out!!!)
The Thunderbolt (Available on the BS Missouri) replaces the Order's Anubis.
(I think that the Thunderbolt is my favorite in this set.)
The Epee replaces the Skyflier.
The Ferret's replace the Startracker and CSV.
The Hornet replaces the Hawk.
And the Sabre's replace the Falcon, and Eagle.

Only 1 real problem:
I don't have an xml editor.
(and wouldn't know how to use it if I did)
So all of the data is for the game's original ships.


Almost forgot:
1) Give me an address to upload either file, if you'd like to see it.
2) Why did you change all of those missles stats in weapon_equip.ini, but none of the ship's weapon's loadouts?


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perhaps we could discuss that via mail?

As for everything else: I think you can edit XML files via MOffice. And I need someone to help me bring another couple of ships into the game, since my mastermind for XML files is nowhere to find at the moment :(



I only have Works, but I've just downloaded an xml editor.
With luck, I may even learn to use it.

As to bringing other ships in...
Except for the infocards, I can do that.


It's not all that great

thank you for your *kind* words. Next time read the forum rules before posting any nonsence


Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
I just tramped my way through the FL single-player storyline and have a ton of screenshots to post.

Vindicator pilots make a torpedo run on a battleship:


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Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
EVIL Border Worlds Vindicators make an EVIL attack on a defenseless archaelogical site!


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Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
"The world is blowing up around us, and all you can think about is how pretty the colors look?"


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